Friday, November 9, 2012

Jalie 2805 - As a nightgown

I really should be getting a kickback from Jalie lately. I don’t know why but I’ve been drawn to them so much lately. I love some of the Burda looks, but it takes time to trace them and I’ve been lazy. I modified Jalie 2805 to make a nightgown for the Little One. I made it longer and added a fun flounce to it. This is size H, which is the 4T size. The little half-pint here is 3.5 years old so it’s perfect for her.


Since I knew the top fit her, I just expanded the bottom and added a little fullness so she could walk. Then I added a flounce and voila, you have a pajama dress.


I really like this cotton knit. I think I bought it from


Is this not the face you get when you ask a kid to smile??  I have 15 of these pictures and a couple of good ones. Kids are hilarious.


The flounce was easy. I measured the width of the bottom of the dress. It was 18” wide and so was the back. I made two flounced that were 8” long.


Here’s a illustration of what I did. Hopefully it makes sense to you. I sewed the 18” length of flounce to the bottom of the dress. Well, actually, I sewed the two flounces together first and then attached them to the bottom of the dress.


I’m so bad at picking colors for embellishments that I actually got an app for it. It’s called Color Pair. First, you take a picture of whatever and this thing shows you complementary and contrasting colors that would work well with the colors you are using. Angie is always so good at this and I’m just so bad. So. Bad.


So, because of the Color Pair app, I decided to use this teal binding and ribbon. I do think it looks really nice and I never would have picked it without the application. I’m just unsure of my color choices and this seems to give me courage to mix and match in ways I never would before. I attached the bow with a couple of bartacks in a matching thread color.


Next up? A Frankenpattern with cool results.


Andrea said...

Your Little One is adorable! Such a cute nightie for her; the print looks sort of Marimekko-ish. I'll check that App, sounds handy.

marysews said...

I love what you made for Little One!

Elizabeth Halpern said...

Cute cute cute! I know what you mean about the *smile*. Adults can do that too - maybe just not quite as maniacally, lol. Love the app also - thanks for sharing.

Trinity said...

I've done the same, Dawn. I used the Jalie twin set tee, added length and width and made my daughter nightgowns. No flounce though. I think she'd like that so I'll have to keep that in mind for next time.