Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weird Ass Window Part II

You may remember my weird-ass window. For those of you who don’t remember the original post, here is my very badly drawn floor plan of my house. This weird window goes between the kitchen and the living room/entryway. It’s weird.


Here’s what it looked like a few days ago.


And here is what it looks like today. I took your suggestions and used a large mirror to cover the hole. Many of you suggested using a one-way mirror. I did investigate that idea but the mirrored glass was not mirrored enough. Because there are windows in the kitchen, you’d always be able to see through it from the living room side. I found this large mirror (it’s a big hole, 50” by 40”) at Lowe’s on Black Friday. Score! It was only $40!!!


My inspiration was this gallery wall from Martha Stewart.


I also tried my hand at a gallery-type wall with photos and knick-knacks. I love these types of walls of photos. First, I mapped out a level horizontal line because I wanted the tops and bottoms of the photos to be even with that line.


I used the tape as a guide. You’ll see there are a few photos with the generic photo in them because I don’t have all the photos I want yet.


Are you so distracted looking at me in the reflection? Can we see my random x-mas tubs in the living room? And do you see the insulation and Visqueen. Yeaaaaaah, we are still working on that too. Anyway, same photo with less distraction.


Do you like how it’s arranged? The three mirrors were purchased at Burlington for cheap and the rest of the stuff I had here and there around the house. I love the big, black chunky display case in the upper left. I’m no good at this type of stuff because I cannot do random. I want everything to be exactly the same distance away from each other. I drive myself crazy! It took me forever to realize that the four kids didn’t need to be in the exact same frames. Now, two of them are in 8” by 10” frames and the other two are in 12” by 14” with mats.


Does this drive you crazy or am I just anal like that? I was trying to line the tops and bottoms up with the original blue line but then I was matching the edges to the left-hand wall and the mirror. Maybe I should center the bottom print under the larger print? What do you think?

Wanna know my secret to getting the damn little nail where I wanted it so the frames would match up? It’s this little thing I call a crayon and it’s my best friend! I can write a little tutorial if you guys want one!


Sarah AJ said...

It looks great! But yes, I'd center the print on the bottom right. I haven't tried a gallery wall because I know it would drive me crazy; I don't do random well, either.

Beangirl said...

well first off, that is an AWESOME weird window cover up job. It looks great! (And if it makes you feel better, we have one of these between our kitchen and the laundry room-- which used to be the back porch apparently. I just have a venetian blind on mine, since it's, you know, a laundry room).

And also... I totally was all ready to zoom in on your photo because you said you said we could see the insulation and Visqueen. I totally forgot Visqueen is an actual thing... I was thinking you had the band Visqueen stashed away in your living room somehow. Seriously. I'm dumb sometimes.

Your house is really looking great!

cucperson said...

Much improved but i feel that the mirror looks like it is not part of the gallery. Perhaps line the top of that adjacent picture to the top of the mirror, move it closer then go from there. Big space you circled is a bit distracting to me too. Move the last photo on the left bottom to this space to balance the top one. You are crowding the end of the wall on the left hand side a bit but you have all this space on the right hand side.
Remove the big square shelf thing and put the top grid piece there instead to tighten up the display.
BUT as I said originally , much improved.

marysews said...

You asked~! Take the dark box out, and put the top grid-thing in its place. Swap the two pictures on the right so the top of the small pictures lines up with the top of the mirror. I do like the mirror, though!

Becky said...

I think using the mirror was VERY clever! You should arrange this wall to suit yourself since it will bug you, not anyone else. Mull over advice, but arrange it to suit yourself. What does the back of the mirror look like in the kitchen?

Amanda said...

To me the big black chunky display case doesn't fit in with everything else and it seems so close to the edge of the wall. I'd just leave it out. Also, I'll agree with a previous commenter that the mirror seems separate from the rest of the gallery, I don't think it matters, but you could move everything to the right a little so it hangs closer to the mirror. The odd space that you're worried about does stand out a little. I think swapping the upper (larger) picture on the right with the one beneath it might help.