Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Swap Meet!

Eek! Can I just say that my ratio of yards sewn to yards bought is getting precariously low. One of my favorite places to go when we are in San Diego is the National City Swap Meet. Hello fabric! Hello trimmings!

I ended up with almost 40 yards of fabric and 30 yards of trim. All that for under $100. Um, yea. I’ll probably have to go on a fabric diet soon. Or, I just need to sew my tookus off. Everything I bought was knit. I bought several cotton blends and lots of stripes because I’m a stripe addict.

Hi, my name is Dawn and I’m addicted to sewing striped fabric. Hi is where y’all say, “Hi Dawn.”



I also bought an oodle of fun ITY knits. I just can’t say no! I feel several wrap dresses in my future. I love those and they are so versatile (and classic)! Look at these fun border prints. I seemed to buy quite a bit of coral and turquoise too. I tried to stay away from purple and gray on purpose. Maybe I’m finally out of that phase for a while? 


Here’s what a typical vendor looks like at the swap meet. The remnants are on tarps on the ground in piles. My favorite vendors organize the piles by fabric content. Of course, as the day goes by, the piles get mixed up. This guy is my favorite vendor. His remnants are $1 or $2 per yard and his rolls of fabric (you can see them at the other end of the market) are $2 to $4 per yard. He gives you generous yards too.


All of this ITY fabric is from this vendor.


Smaller vendors are like this. This person only sold fabric as remnants in two or three yard chunks.


I bought lots of elastic too. Some of this is FOE (blue and black/silver), some is decorative elastic, some is just plain old black elastic and clear elastic. I think I bought 10 yards of clear elastic for $2. 


Of course, be sure to feel the fabric and look it over for holes, stains, off-grain printing, etc. I have passed up lots of fabric in the years I have been going to this swap meet. Knowing how to speak a little Spanish would help out too. I know very little and I am able to fumble through.

Hopefully you guys will actually get to see a little sewing before I leave again next week!


Teri said...

Is the Swap Meet open all year? I must go next time I fly into SD!

Sofie M said...

I love all those fabrics - lucky you! Wish it was close; nothing like that here.

Kyle Burkhardt said...

WOW, you really cleaned up at the Swap Meet. I might have to check that out next time I'm in SD. Really impressed with 40 yards fabric and 30 yards of trim for under $100. Seriously impressed!

Mary Deeter said...

How fun! Looks like you made a great haul!

Fabric Love said...

Wow, who takes you there? You must have an amazing husband!!