Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burda 06-2013 #110 - My June Burda Challenge!



How much fun is this dress? It’s knit, it has ruching, it’s metallic. I knew when I saw this dress, I would have to make it.


I made it without the sleeves obviously. And oops, you can see a tiny glimpse of my bright blur bra strap. Oops! The pattern went together smoothly as all Burda patterns do. This pattern started at a size 36 so I downsized it to a 34 like I always do. I thought there would be more drape on the crossover section on he bodice. When you look at the magazine model photo, it looks like it would be a bit loose and drapey but it’s not. I know it’s really hard to see the gathers. 



Here’s a better picture to show the gathers.


How much fun is this fabric? It’s from the swap meet. It looks kind of flashy but when I put on a sweater and flats, it looks good in the casual mis-matchy kind of way that is popular right now.


Here you can see the side seams. They have clear elastic in them from the hem to the armpit. Since this dress relies on negative ease to fit, I knew those poor seams would take quite a bit of stress. This just helps to reinforce them.


Here’s the bodice. The cross that goes under the top section is only a partial bodice piece.


I know it’s hard to see but I outlined the partial cross part in red. Another interesting part of this pattern is that both the left and right side tops are finished with self-fabric facings that are just folded down.


Kid photo-op! Love that girl!


And a crazy boy!


Kristine Balinski said...

Love, love, love this dress! Actually makes me want it bad enough to trace and deal with those crazy lines!!! You look wonderful in it, and you kids are adorable (as usual)!

Sofie M said...

Really stunning on you... I love it. You look amazing in it. I've always loved this dress (can I bother to trace it??)

Sigrid said...

What a great dress. Thanks for all the details.

Kristy Chan said...

Your version is way better than the Burda dress, both in fabric and fit. It looks fantastic on you

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Super dress! It looks awesome on you.

Maria said...

You should make it shorter. Burda tents to hide legs, which is a shame. The drapey stuff: you downgraded it too much for a drapey look. But I still think it looks nice.

marysews said...

Very nice dress!

Leanne said...

Love your version of the dress. Burda's choice of fabric didn't do much for me, but I really like yours.

Ms. McCall said...

Wow, I never would have made that dress up without seeing your version, you did such a great job on the gathering and fabric selection, it looks amazing!

Carolyn Norman said...

Wow! That is fantastic Dawn! Love this dress on you!!!