Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jalie 3245 - Raglan Tunic


You know how sometimes, you just need a big deep breath of cold air before you can move on? That was me last week. Between Halloween, legal crap, two frustrating sewing duds, work, kid homework, and costumes, I was toast. Like T to the oast. I got back into the sewing studio (it sounds more impressive than my sewing room) and whipped this out. If you remember, I’ve made this pattern multiple times for my three girls. I made them dresses and pajamas from this pattern before. I had never made it for myself! I decided that this would be the cold breath of air I needed to cast away the demons of last week. As usual, Jalie does not disappoint. I made the longer tunic version. I used a sweatshirt knit that’s been in my stash. It doesn’t have great stretch but it has enough to make this deliciously cozy and comfortable.


I probably could have done a swayback adjustment. Meh, who wants to do that on a knit?It’s the most comfortable thing ever. I will make this pattern over and over again. I think I could have made it a few inches shorter. I think if I made this a few inches longer, it would make the best dress-with-tights dress ever. I think I’ll make that and even leave the curved hem. The shoulders fit really well. This is a size R. I also think the shorter version will be great.


Here’s a lighter version so you can see the pockets. I used Jalie’s pockets and placement lines. I used a contrasting orange thread on the hems and pockets. It’s not that noticeable. I debated whether to add same-color embroidery to the pockets. I think it would have been a nice detail. Next time!


I think I could have take an inch or two our the side seams and it would look slimmer. I will do that next time too.



This is what happens when I do my photo sessions in the house. They are all so helpful.


A little slice of my life so you can see how I suffer.


I have about 13 of these photo bombing photos.


Feel. My. Pain.


Kristine Balinski said...

Love the tunic, I need a few of those for my "I don't feel like dressing as a grown up today" days. You have the world's cutest photo bombers, they make me smile. Thanks for sharing!!! (And yes, I love calling it a "studio", and DH rolls his eyes...)

Leonie said...

You made this very simple top look very stylish! Looks super comfy.

Christy Hayes said...

I've been holding off on buying this pattern and you've now convinced me that I should. Love the new tunic and I totally understand the photo bombing probs!

dharma said...

The tunic is cute! A great top to wear with leggings. I need both-leggings and tunics. I like your idea to lengthen it to make a dress. This pattern will make my Christmas list.
It looks like you have a happy, fun family!!!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you for reviewing. Looks like the perfect tunic! Just ordered the pattern! Love Jalie patterns--love your cozy version.

Sue Kenny said...

Looks like another Jalie winner!

crystalpleats said...

I love it. It looks so fashionable styled as you have it here and also very comfortable.

stevie said...

So awesome! I never looked twice at this pattern before now I HAVE to buy it! Looks like a fabulous wardrobe staple! x

Elizabeth Halpern said...

I've only made the tank version of this top but I really like it. Your tunic is adorable! I've got some sweatshirt knit in my stash that I've been debating how to use to make something more stylish than, well, a sweatshirt, and you've inspired me with this top.

Joy said...

Cute,cute tunic. The shape is really nice. I hadn't even noticed this pattern had a tunic length.

penny said...

Oh you have not seen anything yet, wait tell the teens comes, I told my children, I don't know who made you, but I did not make monsters. the top is beautiful, I am dying and on so many steroids that my body is so heavy now, that I am now a big fluff ball, so I wear things very long and loose.