Sunday, November 17, 2013

Long Cleansing Breath

After yesterday, I needed some easy, fun sewing. I decided I needed a pouch for all my writing supplies. I love to sketch and doodle. Don’t think like good sketching. I mostly make glorified stick people. Regardless, I always have random pencils, pens, and markers rattling around. I made a pencil pouch for them.


I used this Sweet Verbena tutorial to get sizes. It’s really easy, not even lined, gasp!


Mine is a little larger than theirs. I may have a lot pens.


The fabric is what’s left from this disaster yesterday. It’s cozy wool and double-layered.


I used Urban Threads embroidery all over this thing. I quilted it when I was done with the embroidery.


About those sketches . . . see? Nothing special. This is me with my pencil pouch.




I made this for my daughter. She’s the grumpy one.


This is typically what I draw. The little girls go wild with coloring these. I make a LOT of princesses too.


I made a whole series for my girlfriend of her being naked in Alaska. These crack me up.


The whole fam-damn-ily.


Hee hee!


Me, with the stupid gray skirt.



No artist here but it makes me happy. I’ve always been a doodler. Papermate should give me a cut of all their sales. I go through a lot of ink.


Anne said...

You make really great doodles, I'm a fan!

Micki S said...

I think your illustrations are really great!

kathyh said...

Love the doodles. Especially naked girlfriend.
I doodle on my postcrossing postcards. And my envelopes. And while listening to the boss. ahem...

Camelia de Bruin said...

OMG!! So funnny.

Leonie said...

What a lovely way to brighten your spirits. Love the embroidery - and your sketches.

Becca A said...

Your doodles are so cute. They remind me of Eloise.

Cocos Loft said...

Adorable! I've had a string of yucky garments as well...maybe it's time to sew a pencil pouch! Love your drawings.

Kyle Burkhardt said...

Your sketches are adorbs!
I went to the National City Swap Meet with Elizabeth yesterday--that was so much fun! I first learned about the NCSM from your blog posts.

Micki S said...

Your pencil pouch inspired me, and I made a couple. I'd like to talk about it on my blog that I was inspired by your post and link it back to you. Is that ok?

Da99516 said...

Of course!!

Micki S said...

Thank you! Just did.