Saturday, February 8, 2014

Burda Challenge February 02-2014 #124

Ewwww, right? When I first say the model photo of this dress, I was like, not flattering. But then I was glancing through my magazine and saw the line drawing. I love the back gathers and the side drawstrings seemed kind of interesting too. I decided that instead of a boring beige poplin, I was use a stable knit for my version. I need some easy, cute dresses for a cruise. This seemed like it would be great for throwing in a bag at the beach.



I really like how it came out. I’ll probably mostly be wearing it with my purple Keen sandals. Isn’t it cute? It’s loose and relaxed but still pulled together. I can totally see this on the beach or just wandering around. I’m wearing it here with a cami peeking out. For the cruise, I’m hoping I have bikini straps hanging out!


I can make it a bit shorter and add heels for a dinner date too. I think I could also make it a bit shorter and wear it now with boots and an undershirt. More of a tunic-y kind of look.


The most fun part of this dress is the fun shoulders which is totally obliterated by my crazy fabric.


Here’s a close-up of the gathered shoulders with and without notations. The gathers make it really comfortable and give it some interest.


CB detail.


Instead of make self-fabric sewn ties, I cut long strips and pulled the crazy out of my strips. This knit curls like crazy and they end up looking like this.


What’s next? I’m still thinking about that. Happy February, everybody!


P E Hudson said...

Fantastic dress -- you really picked a winner for you. I love both the cruise ideas and boots! Great job!

Elizabeth Wellons said...

Really cute dress on you. Would never have looked at it twide -- but might have to go back!

Christy Hayes said...

I like this and think it looks great on you

Levone said...

Cute dress!

The MaterialLady said...

I rejected that one after seeing Burdas picture - but your dress looks great. Sadly, I don't have your legs so if I went that short it would be with leggings!

Kristy Chan said...

I really liked the line drawing of this dress too, so I'm glad to see it made up in a more fun fabric. I love that shoulder detail, it looks really interesting in your printed fabric

Geo P said...

You version is MUCH more fun and your legs are incredibly long :)