Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leotardo-palooza? Lots-o-leos? Jalie 3241 Again


I made another one of these. It was requested by our cousin who is seven and also in gymnastic (here’s my first one in PINK). Cousin is a big fan, what can I tell you. I already have fabric for another one. The cousin and my youngest MADE me go to the fabric store and we picked out some yowza fabric for their next leotards. Prepare yourselves!.

I love version C, with the boyshorts. I think they are great for these younger ladies.


The x-back is definitely my favorite part. You can see this is just a little too big, which is fine. Kids these days grow so darn fast, I can hardly keep up. She wore this all day and that night she was doing wall handstands while we were eating dinner.


This leotard prompted this.


Sitting next to the warm fire prompted this. We are getting out of town soon and I’m happy about that!


I should have more leotards to show you soon.

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Becky said...

Dawn, you are the best! I know there will be so many good memories about this for all the kids you sew for. My mom did this for me when I was small (and large!), and I treasure those memories. When you sew for a kid, it seems like magic!