Monday, March 31, 2014

Burda Challenge - 03/2014 #124 Bomber Jacket

Whew, I made it just under the wire. I have had this jacket done for a few days now, just haven’t had time to take pictures and write a post about it. Here is the drugged-out Burda version.


Here’s my version. I used a wool blend boucle for the main fabric and a dark gray/slate blue double knit for the cuffs, pockets, and neckband.


I’m not sure I love it. I think it’s okay, but it seems shorter than I would have expected. And the band around the body is pretty tight, which means if I lift my arms, it rides up and then doesn’t got back down again.


It’s funny though because there is certainly tons of fabric. I took about 2 inches of ease out of the sleeves to get the shape where I wanted it. There was also no way the knit bands were going to stretch that far. Obviously I left off the decorative flap on the back of the Burda version.


Doesn’t it seem really short for how w-i-d-e it is? That area on the right side where the band and the boucle meet is acting weird here. It doesn’t look like that in real life.


I followed Burda’s directions (gasp!) and I was able to get nice welt pockets out of them.


I used a zipper I already had in stash. It is navy blue and it was too long. My lovely, strong, beefy husband spent about 15 minutes figuring out how to remove the little metal teeth. It took about three different tools, but he got the little jerkfaces off the zipper.


There is a self-fabric facing. I should have lined it, but I didn’t. I used FOE for the raw edge of the facing.


See how much boucle fabric there is compared to the knit? It was hard to stretch the band that far.


All in all, I’m not crazy about it. I do like it though. Maybe with some time in The Closet, it will become something I like. I think it would be cute with jeans and little colored tennis shoes. Maybe it’s the fabric I don’t love, or the combination of the fabrics.


On the plus side, we’ve been having a blast lately. It’s been warm (30s during the day) and sunny. This day we were making hopscotch squares on the bare (!!!) asphalt in our driveway.


I’m busily making pajama pants for my son. We picked out some fun fabric the other day.


Judith said...

Hopefully you will get some wear out of this jacket as it looks like a lot of sewing work has gone into it! I love the 2 colours together ... J

Kristy Chan said...

I quite like it, but I imagine it would get annoying have to pull it down after raising your arms! Good work on getting done in March too, I'm struggling to get my project finished still

Mrs. Smith said...

It's so cute!! I think bombers are traditionally short and wide like that. I like it a lot! :) this jacket was one of the main reasons I bought this issue. Very nice.

Linda L said...

I like your version of the bomber jacket. Nice fabric!

Sara said...

Your jacket is so beautiful! I love the color association. Very cool!
I was looking for a bomber jacket pattern. Now I know which one I'll be using.

raquel said...

For me "maybe"is the magic word for "never"hehehehehe. I'm with you: maybe the fabric is not right, but I like the design.

Raquel said...

The blog "Aventuras de costuras" by Merche posted today the same jacket. She did it reversible. Go and take a look and decide if you like the model or not. Hers is great.

Annette Untalasco said...

Dawn love your opening comment about the Burda photo; just saying it's a good thing I'd swallowed my coffee before reading.
Your jacket looks great. Sometimes I have to let a garment hang in the closet for a while to marinate.
The bottom ribbing may not have enough stretch in it. I know, I hate unpicking seams too. But a longer piece may get rid of the hanging problem.
It is another sunny day in Anchorage, unfortunately Juneau is now cloudy (we had a great run of sunny weather). Back to sewing no more daydreaming about gardening or just a little greening.

Kyleigh Perkins said...

I agree that bombers are supposed to be short and wide, and I think you look fantastic in it. Really elongates your legs, at least with the skinny pants you have paired it with here.

jenny561983 said...

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Velosewer said...

I do like your version of this bomber jacket. I have an idea about making the waistband a whole lot wider for a fitted look at the hips.