Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three more Leotards! Jalie 3241

Sorry if you’re tired of them!

I told you to prepare yourselves! I said bright and I meant it. My daughter #3 picked out this sparkle jellybean fabric (my name for the fabric) to match the pink from her other leotard. I made this a size larger so it should fit for a while.


This is for our cousin. She lives in another state so we took pictures of a twin wearing it instead of her. The Twin will not take it off now and has not stopped doing cartwheels. I love, love, love the fabric the cousin picked out. I was sort of scared of the black, glitter-dot fabric, but it turned out great with the solid red. I hope she likes it too.


I also made another one just like daughter #3’s pink leotard. That one was pretty snug so this is like the Jellybean Leotard and I made it one size larger too. I just love the x-back on this pattern. I want to make the other version of this pattern but I love the boy shorts on this style. I could totally draft them longer, but I probably won’t because it’s extra work. I may actually do it though, because I think boy shorts with a little stripe would be awesome!


There was much fun to this photo shoot.


House fun.


I’m not sure what I’m up to next. I need to make me some cute easy dresses for a trip and maybe another bikini!


Anna Christina said...

How cute! I really like the shorts style for the little ones. I would love to know how you blurred the faces. I have been trying to figure out how to do that for a while, but can't find a way.

Sofie M said...

They are all so cute, and the leotards are smashing too! What fun makes.

Becky said...

little girls love leotards! I know i lived in mine at those ages, and I was never in dance or gymnastics or anything. it's just what little girls like to play in I think.

Jenny Sterlein said...

Super cute! Where do you get your sparkly spandex?

Da99516 said...

I get it in San Diego at a place called Yardage Town.