Thursday, June 5, 2014

Best. Day. Evah.

June 1st? Best day ever. First, I had a great half-marathon and got a personal best of 1:45. I realize that's not super fast, but it's fast for me. Here's me at the end. It's super hot for an Alaskan girl. I wore my Jalie shorts and they were fantastic for 13.1 miles. I put GU in my pockets and there was no jiggling at all. 

Then, from there, we went to the Swap Meet to buy tons of fun fabric. 

Then we went to Yardage Town to buy a few other things. We didn't take a picture so I drew a little one. We bought swimwear fabric mostly. 

We finished off the day with margaritas by the pool and beach. 

I was a tired puppy, but it was a great day. :)

(I'm posting from the Blogger app so I hope the formatting works better.)


Amy L said...

Congrats on a great run!

kathyh said...

It takes awhile to get used to phone blogging. The Blogger app wasn't working for me so I used one called BlogIt!
It seemed to upload photos better.
If I do use my phone, I upload photos first then put the verbiage in-between pictures. I also use the button twice between each photo to let me know where a space actually is.
This post was formatted better. Glad you made time for fabric shopping.

Inkstain said...

Warmest congrats and soak up that sun. Here in Switzerland we're fighting off mountain drizzle. Love your blog, a devoted lurker, Chanel No.6

SewingSveta said...

Fabricssssssss!! Congratulations with the run!!

Bec Stitches said...

Woah woah check your abs out! Smoking :) will be on the lookout for swimsuits ;)

Veronica said...

So jealous. You're making me miss home. Currently in GA, but the Swap Meet and Yardage Town sound really good right now!

Pam said...

Not like you would ever have time with your family with you but I always wish I knew when you were going to be down here so we could catch a coffee or a quick shop...soooo glad your run went well!

Amy Christensen Jamieson said...

Great run and 8 min mile is fantastic in my book! Good for you. Lovin those shorts! I need to download that pattern and get after it. I agree on the smokin abs. My jiggly tummy is quite jealous ( but motivated!)