Saturday, June 28, 2014

Burda 06-2014 #102 - Twisted Dress (June Burda Challenge)

Who loves a simple knit dress? This girl! I knew when I saw this dress in the Burda magazine, I would have to make it. It’s simple and a knit. The pattern itself is a simple t-shirt dress with a little extra. The side seams are cut to be crooked, but then you are supposed to twist it when you wear it to create a lightly gathered look. Great idea. More on that in a minute.



Here’s my version. You probably can’t see the light gathering because of the fabric. Love this fabric, by the way. It’s from the Swap Meet in San Diego.


The fit is nice. I made my standard 34 with no alterations.


I love that the back and front are similar with the slight v-necks.


The inside has a lined bodice that also serves as the facing. I went ahead and used it because I’ve found that a facing works best when you want a crisp v-neck like this. Yes, there are other ways to do it. See the “side” seam??


Let’s talk about this fabric for a second. I love it. You may see it again as a dolman top. I think I have enough scraps to get a small top out of it.


Now let’s talk about the light gathering and the twists in this dress. Yes, it’s a great idea to make the dress fit with curved side seams that you adjust to make them straight. However, what really happens is those little buggers slip back around your body so that the “side” seam comes around to the front and back of the body. You can’t see it in my version because of the print, but it would drive me crazy in a solid version because you would see that the “side” seam isn’t really at the side. Also, the sleeves have the same little twist, but I think it looks more like an accident than a design feature. Again, super glad this is in a crazy print.


Here I tried to outline the gathering so you can see it better. As I would walk, the dress would slip around me like a hula-hoop and I was adjusting it every 5 minutes. It’s not that annoying and I will wear the dress, just be forewarned. I made the dress a little tighter at the waist and top of the hips and that stopped a lot of the hula-hooping, but still . . .


Next up, commercial fishing soon!!!! Raincoats and maybe rain pants for a herd of kids!!!


Kristy Chan said...

I did wonder if the dress would twist around, it sounds like all the adjusting would be annoying. But the dress looks great made up in this fabric and as usual is a fabulous fit on you

Mary said...

It looks great! I wonder if making a full straight lining and then tacked the twisted top to it along the side seams would stop the annoying untwisting?

I love reviews like this ...

Karen Ishihara said...

Lovely dress, great post, that adjusting would drive me crazy!

merche said...

Great fitting! You look stunning in a fitted knit dress!

daglag said...

Great looking dress! Love the fabric too! I agree that an underlining cut in straight on grain might help decrease the hula-hooping.

raquel from jc said...

Once I got a really bad quality tshirt dress, badly cut and it moved all around me, like your dress (I called it the centrifugal dress!). When I saw this one on burda immediately went back to that horrible dress. If you sew it again with the lining give us your feedback, please.

mediocre seamstress said...

Beautiful dress - as usual! Your hair would be perfect done as the model's too (not that it isn't already ok). ...just would be awesome.