Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jalie 3355 - Hoodies!



You guys know we go fishing (maybe) and you know I usually make raingear for the kidlets (perhaps). This year, I decided to make rain hoodies. I’m tired of said kidlets not bothering to zip up said raingear and getting all wet anyway. So this year, kidlets get windproof, waterproof hoodies! I made this a few sizes two large so that a fleece jacket can go underneath. It’s not usually too cold out there, but it is wet and windy often. I usually make a size R (smallest adult size), and this hoodie is a size T. I made a prototype for me first to see if I wanted to crank out several for kidlets. I love mine so I hope they love theirs. I had to make these photos quite a bit brighter so you can see the Polartec PowerStretch fabric. It’s very thin with almost a sweatshirt-like drape.



I’m really excited about making this pattern in my size with some of my merino wool knit. Yum!


Here are a couple of the ones I made. Most have this black ribbing. The one with the heart has a black knit for binding. It doesn’t stretch as well as the ribbing so the bottom is more bunched up that the other one.


I love the pockets and I can only imagine how many (illegal) eagle feathers, pretty amber agates, and colorful rocks will be shoved in them.



Another Jalie winner (of course). This will be a great pattern for when the kids go back to school. My son is always cold and he will love some made out of polartec and the merino wool. And it’s a great canvas for stencil art and embroidery!

Posts on fishing: Last year and the year before that.


Lori said...

Is the fabric in your photos the waterproof fabric? If not what will you use? I live on rainy coastal Oregon and love this idea.

Ally Design Rewind Fashions said...

I live in rainy oregon too and this is a great idea for hiking on cooler days that have a little drizzle!

Sofie M said...

They look great and I can't wait for the post about the fishing. I get jealous of all that salmon... yum, yum, yum after a lot of hard work.

Da99516 said...

Yup, this is the waterproof fabric. It rocks.

Julie said...

Where do you buy the Polartec Power Stretch fabric?