Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Round Up

We did our annual summer commercial fishing/camping trip this summer. How pretty is this place? I’m so bone-weary over all the fun we’ve had this summer, I haven’t really been up to blogging so much. I have several things to show you guys. I have been sewing things here and there, just not posting. Be prepared to see several posts in the next few days!

People are always asking me where the fishing is located. This is a close-up of Cook Inlet. We live in Anchorage (on the right). The fishing site is just above Tyonek to the North in the Beluga coal region. We there by boating or flying.

It’s a kid haven with streams, creeks, sand, mud, and fun. I swear the kids don’t wear shoes for the whole two weeks. There’s no water and no electricity (there is if you start the generator), so it’s pretty rustic. Bonfires, picnics, kites, kid heaven, I tell you.

The Jalie jackets and rain pants (I used Jalie 3243 to make rain pants for the kids) came in handy while we were out there. It never rained during the day, but it was often windy and chilly. The kids wore them pretty much constantly.

There is a creek right next to the cabin, so the kids spent days re-routing the creek and building marinas, docks, and tributaries.

They built their own cottonwood bark boats and some of them included dinghies with princesses (the girls) and pirates (the boy).

There was a lot of Gut Diving and dissections going on when we were processing fish. It was a great year for fish and we caught a ton. We found lots of parasites in the guts too. Nothing like wriggly worms spilling out of a salmon’s stomach to amp the nastiness up to a high level.

I bought my son a Kindle for Christmas. There is the best gift I’ve ever given him. He has read so many books on that thing. Like hundreds. We rent them from the public library. This post is totally random, I realize that. I feel like my brain is fried from too much go-go-go!fish_9

This area has a ton of coal and agates. We bring the coal back to the campsite. fish_10

We spend hours searching for agates on the beach. Agate Hunting! We bring the agates back in to town and polish them. We have jars of them around the house.

Books, headlamps, mosquito nets? Yup, just another night at camp.

If you want to read more about all this, read this post from 2013 or this one from 2012. I didn’t do a very good job of explaining what’s going on here. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you already know. For anyone that’s new, check out the old posts for more details.

Whew . . . . so . . . . tired . . .


Becky said...

It's good that you have been having so much fun you haven't had time or inclination to blog! I hope that changes, but you've been gone for great reasons! Good to hear from you, as always, and I look forward to the next posts about your makes.

Maija said...

Ick, we don't get those parasites in our salmon up here, but we do go dipnetting for reds on the Kenai and the Kasilof and they're all over in them. :(