Monday, August 25, 2014

August Burda Challenge - 08-2014 #103 Pieced Dress

Okay, I look short and really squatty compared to this model.


I couldn’t be serious when I took these pictures. This dress is a woven with several pieces in the front that you can make different colors or leave the same. I wish I had gone with maybe one more print to make it a bit zanier. I was torn, though, because I wanted something that would easily rotate into my wardrobe.


There are four pieces to the front bodice and five pieces for the front of the skirt. 


It fits really well. And just an FYI, I put no seam allowance on for the hem and I cut off four inches when I hemmed it. I’m 5’5”, so I’m not that short. This dress would have been at mid-calf!


Here’s the front flat.


I lightened the back and drew in the darts so you could actually see them.


The inside is lined with a JoAnn’s polyester of black flowers on a white background. I love fun linings.


I used the same invisible zipper installation that I always do.


Here’s the finish at the CB.


See? I should have added some more color. Although the second one looks kind of like a bib. You get the idea though.


Fun dress to sew though. I may wear it tomorrow. I love the color blocking, but I also love that it’s so neutral. Maybe a belt would spice it up a bit but still let it be neutral. 


Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

wow I love this. Color blocking in an interesting way and great fabric choices.

Sigrid said...

Love your version in black and grey. Good you made it a bit shorter. It's nice to see the alternatives too, to me more inspiring than Burda's version.

Sofie M said...

Ooh it looks great and I can see how adding the extra colour makes it pop.

Fabric Epiphanies said...

Oh I love this! The fit is lovely and yours very versatile. I can see the options could be endless!

Antigone said...


GroovyMom said...

Love it! Your version is great! Much better than the original photo. Wish I had your nerve to try something so excellent!

Amy said...

I love this and think your neutral version is really chic. The fit looks just right too! I wasn't inspired by Burda's photo, but yours makes me want to stitch this up :)

Лариса Шавшина said...

Fantastic dress, I really like.

Elizabeth Wellons said...

I love that dress on you, Dawn. I think your colors are elegant and make it very versatile for all sorts of occasions.

Erinn B said...

This is a very smart looking dress. Your version will last long after the colouring blocking trend (can it still be called that, three years into it?) has hit the road.
I do wish they had done something with the back though when designing the pattern.

Yolanda said...

I love your dress - I didn't like it in the magazine at all but now I am thinking of making it after seeing yours! thank you :)

justine said...

This looks great on you. You don't look the least bit squat OR short either! Perfect!

Ms. McCall said...

I was about to trace this dress and just couldn't - those red lines are difficult anyway, but with this many pieces, I just abandoned it altogether! I applaud you for tracing them all out, I do like the dress as is, but I like the one with the single yellow bit too. Beautiful work on this, it fits you perfectly!