Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Burda Challenge 12-2014 #121 Knit Dress



Here’s my December Burda Challenge just one day after my November one! I told you guys I took a bunch of pictures yesterday. This is a simple knit dress from Burda with crazy draped neck. I needed a festive Christmas outfit for a couple of holiday parties and this metallic gold and red knit seemed to yell HOLIDAY to me. I made my typical size 34 although I used small seam allowances at the hips. I figured with, as short as this is, I would be wearing it over leggings and skinny jeans. You can see I have a textbook swayback, and really need an adjustment. See how short this baby is? I even added a hem allowance which I almost never do to Burda dresses.


Here is the side ruching. I think I should have made it tighter so that the gathers would go across my body. As they are now, they just hang down.


Again, I can’t make serious faces when my husband is taking pictures. The neck on this is a bit weird. It’s much longer on one side than the other, so I always feel like I’m lopsided. You stitch the cowl/drapes to the inside top of the sleeves so it stays down. You can see in this picture that the sleeves are extra long on this dress.


I have one more thing to show you tomorrow.

Happy solstice! We are only getting five hours of “daylight” today. Keep in the mind that the sun only gets 5 degrees above the horizon today, so the “daylight” is more like twilight!! Snow is falling right now though, yay!


patsijean said...

I like this top better than yesterday's with the puffy upper sleeve. The length of the sleeves would drive me crazy, but the color is beautiful on you. I would accept the drape in back as part of the design.

Becky said...

Dawn, this color looks wonderful on you, and it does look very festive! I like it very much. I hope you make peace with the wonkiness. It really is flattering.

Texan said...

Beautiful top,fits you wonderfully!

Mag said...

I think it looks great. Good color for you too. Maybe tighter on the mid section might not have worked out. Sometimes the fabric drapes like that and to get the straighter gathers you'd have to go skin tight. On another note...I like the way your boots fit your calves! I have skinny calves and always notice when someone has a great fit in boots.

katherine.peter said...

This is so Christmas-y! Love that neckline.

Sue Kenny said...

What a fun little Xmas frock!

Chris said...

This is soo cool! I've wanted to see this in the flesh ever since the issue first came out - and you have done yourself proud here! I might even make this for myself now that I've seen your version rather than the "sorry, I'm not gonna show you what the dress really looks like" Burda version.

Joy said...

This is gorgeous!