Saturday, December 13, 2014

PR Winter Street Dress (and Jalie Leotards)

Round 3 of the PatternReview Sewing Bee was to take the Winter Street Dress and pimp it. We were able to download the pattern and make it our own. I had never really noticed this pattern before then, but it’s cute. Like really cute. I can see this becoming a stable in my winter dress wardrobe. Since I had already gotten out all the kinks and it was still in my sewing room, I decided to make another one. I got this fabric from Fabric Mart (my new FAVORITE fabric website) on Black Friday. I did all my Black Friday shopping from home this year and snagged a bunch of doubleknit fabric. This one is Blue/Chile/Multi Floral Medallions Puckered Double Knit (they are NOT a sponsor, so click away!) and I really like it. Sometimes I think it might be too “Grandma’s curtains", but then I look again and really like it. It needs a belt to break up all the pattern, but maybe not this silver glitter belt. A red or dark blue belt would be perfect, I think. 



I didn’t really do a proper review of this dress when I used it for the Sewing Bee, I was too focused on my alterations. It’s a very simple, but cute, pattern. Knit, long-sleeved bodice with narrow skirt. I added the big turtleneck for the winter. It has two box pleats in the front sides and two in the back for shaping the skirt.



I think I need to add just a smidge to the bottom of the bodice, it’s still riding just a tiny bit too high (you can barely see the seam above the belt in the picture below). I originally added about 3” to the front of the bodice tapering to about 2” at CB. I have a long torso, but usually only have to add about an inch to bodices.



The fabric is fun and perfect for winter! I really like this dress. It’s the first thing I’ve made since the Sewing Bee. Well, I lie. It’s the first ME item I’ve made.



These two leotards are actually the first two things I made after the Sewing Bee. Our little cousin gymnast is growing and needing more leotards. She is really good at it and in a more advanced class that meets a few times a week now. She needs variety! I texted her the fabric/patterns I had, and she picked the pattern and the fabrics. I think she has great taste!


I love Jalie’s way of applying the binding on this pattern.


This one is so shiny, it’s hard to photograph.





Because there is really no snow here (2 inches?), we have been doing a bit of hiking. The kids love it, and the scenery is beautiful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for snow, SKIING!!!!


Tomasa said...

That dress certainly does not look like grandma's curtains on you! So very pretty. What a lucky little girl your cousin is to have such pretty leotards custom made for her!

Carolyn Norman said...

I can't believe that Fabric Mart just became a favorite online resource! They are everything to me because they almost always have what I need. And this isn't a paid endorsement, they are just that amazing! Pretty dress!!!

Faye Lewis said...

Your dress is gorgeous. Just right for winter wonderland.

Julie said...

I love the dress as well as the items you sewed for the contest!! Especially the pants. I see you also have a little on that doesn't want their picture on the internet either!!:)

Ines said...

Love, love your dress. Wow! Terrific! I love the print, how it looks, it s a success !!! You are styling it just the way I like it, as for the belt I think a more rustic style since the print looks folk like , the width wouldn't matter but the color of your boots I think would be perfect, a belt R alph Lauren or Luck Brand or Fossil would carry . I think this is one of my favorite dresses ever! Great job! I would buy this, maybe you should star selling them!!!

Sue Kenny said...

That dress is a lovely style for you.

Michelle said...

I just made this dress last night because of your review. I wore it today to work. Love it!!! Will be making more. Thanks Dawn! Also congrats on winning!!