Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jalie 3352 - Dolman Tops as Pajamas



The girls have been screeching as me to make up some pajamas for them. Well, they recently got some hand-me-down fleecy pajama shorts and I decided to make some tops to go with them. I was on a kick and made four tops.I used a combination of National Swap Meet Fabric and, oh wait, it’s all NCSW fabric. Some is just from previous trips. (Yes, the girls are still very toothless.)


You’ve seen this top on me many times. I really like the fit. I figured it would be the perfect lounge-around top for pajamas. The girls love them. I’m such a doh-doh. Why didn’t I center the motif? Oh, I know, because I’m a moron. It’s just off enough that it looks like I tried and failed. I think that’s even worse than just forgetting.


I love the hi-low hem of this top. I used the size M, which is the girl’s size 9. They are too big, but they will grow into them by the time I’m done writing this blog post.


On some of them I used picot edging for the neckline. I think it’s a cute touch.


I really like this stripey version.


I used an elastic edging here, more of an elastic piping.


Here’s version #3. I love that my new NCSW fabric (the orange sleeves) matches my previously purchased NCSW fabric.


Here’s a close-up of the neck treatment.


This is version #4, and my least fabric. The fabric is so light that it was a bear to sew.


This is like a fancy-schmancy picot edging. It’s white and glittery. I don’t have much and I’m kind of annoyed that I used it on this pink fabric.


Just your standard picot edging.


This is the elastic “piping”. I’m not really cure what to call it. The thicker part is shiny and very pretty.


At the NCSW, you can get four yards of this for a dollar. Jealous?


Andrea said...

Nice tops. And no not jealous. Just envious beyond comprehension!!

ybennett said...

FOUR yards for a dollar? Yes, I'm jealous! I've not seen that elastic piping, but love the finish it gives. Very cute Jammies!