Monday, March 2, 2015

Burda Challenge - March 03-2015 #111

I’m not posting this on March 2nd to be a show-off. Really. I am heading out on a vacation soon and will have a crazy busy March when I get back. Plus, I wanted this dress for the cruise. I guess I’m into strappy knit dresses lately. They seem to be my go-to cruise wear. You can wear them with sandals or tennis shoes for running around and touring or put heels on and you’re good for dinner.

The fabric is some Fabric Mart fabric that I also used on this Jalie top. I really like it and it sews like a dream. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. Waaahhhh!

Same picture but with the drape drawn in. It’s an interesting dress to put together. It made me scratch my head many times. It’s actually a cute, simple dress with “bust flaps”. Bust wings? Boob wings? Anyway. my point is, there is a cute dress under the “wings” if you just want that too.

Here it is a bit closer so you can see the draping. My string turned out enormously loooong. I am going to cut them.

There is a drapey panel on the front and the back.

I made my standard size 34, no alterations. Well, except the hem. I never add an allowance and they are always plenty long.

Like I said, cute little dress under the “wings”. See how long the strings are? Sheesh. You also have to make sure those strings are tight. They run through a casing and that is what holds the whole dress up!!

Back draped piece. The straps look crooked. They aren’t, I measured. Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

What are you guys sewing?? I have been seeing tons of February Burdas pop up! Keep it up ladies!! I have another cruise wear outfit coming in a day or two. It’s pretty bright!!!


rac rac said...

When I saw this dress I failed to see the "wings" heheheheh! I like it, change the straps and you are set! I made a boxy top for my february contribution (it's on pattern review under racurac), but I'm still thinking what it will be my march contribution to the challenge

Mrs. Smith said...

I like this one on you! And I read through the instructions twice and still didn't get "boob wings" so...hahaha!

Love the fabric too!

Paulinakoss Bruce said...

What a show off!!! Lol! Your cruise outfits are so cute!!!
I love your dress and the fabric you chose!!! I am planning on making the maxi version of this dress this month and maybe the pleated skirt. So the "boob wings" are attached only at the underarm seam? I might also add a built-in bra because those straps are not bra friendly!

petitejosette said...

very cute dress! I really like this "hawai" collection in the march issue. Culottes! I have quite a list of projects and note sur which one to start with.

trying to decide if I should bust out a couple of knit tops before I start working on my pants (that will take a while). I also want to make a clutch out of remnant leather...not enough time in the day!! Enjoy your cruise!

Da99516 said...

Jeez! Slow down, you're going to explode!

Da99516 said...

Well, the "flap" is also connected at the side seam where it is gathered. The bottom part of the "flap" is hemmed and the upper part makes a casing. I'll see if I can take a better picture or draw it out or something.

soeurdelune said...

I've been in love with this dress since I saw it in the early preview, and I've been anxiously awaiting my March issue. It still hasn't arrived, but after seeing your version, I'm even more antsy for it to get here!

Begüm Şen said...

It's pretty! Have a nice vacation :)

Paulinakoss Bruce said...

Thanks! Looking forward to see a close up picture if you have time. If not that's fine. I wonder if a wider strap would work.

petitejosette said...

ahah, yeah i guess that what it sounds like. let's just say I have enough projects to keep me busy til next winter :P

Velosewer said...

Dawn. You're such a scream. I love your dress.

Meagan said...

Looks great on you! I stopped my Burda subscription because I wasn't using it that much, but I may be tempted to purchase this pattern!

Tracy said...

Beautiful dress! I want to make this myself but the instructions seem kind of sparse.