Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Burda Challenge - 12-2015 #117

Finally. Can I get a hallelujah? I had no time before my vacation in Mexico and now I feel like I’ve let everyone down. Hopefully I didn’t and you didn’t even miss me. Eep! Some great leader I am! Anyway, she’s done. I chose a super basic top for my December Burda because I am always wearing long-sleeved t-shirts to work and this one had some fun details.

The pattern shows a small keyhole opening at the CF, but I left that off because I was going for warm and snuggly. The little opening would be cute, but I wanted this instead. *stomps foot like a 2 year-old* The front has gathers and the back of the turtle neck had a couple of tucks at CB. The original pattern also shows it having a zipper and upper back panel. Since I decided against the zipper in back, I just made the upper back panel and lower back panel one piece. You definitely can get by with no zipper although it is tight. If you be the large-meloned type, you may want that zipper.


I will probably wear it with a cardigan and boots like this.


Our mangy mutt has decided that picture-taking is stupid and she will be a part of each picture.


This is made from a Merino wool knit blend. I ended up taking about an inch out of the arms and sides of this. Beware it is very loose. I took some off each side and realized that one side was looser than the other. So, I did what any normal person does, and trimmed some off the other side. Oops, now the other side was too loose. On and on that went until I have one very tight arm and one that is perfect. This, people, is why I would never try to cut my own hair.


I think the gathers at CF are a cute detail.


I also like the tucks at CB. Since I didn’t include a zipper, I did my tucks after the neckline was on the shirt.


I just folded them RST, and sewed a little tuck in place.



“Seriously Mom? Pictures? What about me?”


I have a buttload of kid clothing to show you. I have been working a a little casule wardrobe for my six year-old. She is quickly outgrowing everything that used to fit her!

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