Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ottobre 02-2013 Twist Top Tunic

Okay, first to get some things off my chest.

  1. I had a fabulous Winter Break in Mexico. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath for my full photo report. That is coming soon.
  2. No I haven’t gotten my December Burda Challenge done. I was too busy right before we left to get ‘er done. Yes, I am aware I am lame.
  3. I have several things to show you that I did sew in December. Two Christmas dresses, two swimsuits, and one Jalie sun shirt. Those are coming in my next post. 
  4. I sewed this Ottobre top up before I left too. December was such a busy month I didn’t even have time to document how busy it was. Yeesh.

Okay, back to this top. Do you love it? I love it! This is from an older issue of Ottobre Women’s magazine. This is the 2-2013 issue. I really like using it with a print like this so you can see how the bodice is cut.


It is black and gray with irregular metallic gold stripes on top of all that. 


I made my usual size 34. I pinched out about an inch at CB because Ottobre tends to be a little wide for me in the bodice. I did not add my standard 1” above the bust because it was really complicated. The fit turned out fine though.


When I was all done, there was a large-ish hole at CF. I just took the two CFs and sewed them RST. That makes it totally peek-proof (and also peak-proof, har, har, har). You can see here that the bodice is cut on the fold so it is double-layered. That’s kind of a nice touch.


This is a great length for skinny jeans and leggings. I love it with these booties.



There is also a dress version. I really like this and will probably make it a couple more times to wear with leggings.


What do you guys think?

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