Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Mom!

Can I just tell you how proud I am of all my kids? We did the Heart Run 5k this weekend and all four of the kids rocked. They are really becoming quite the runners. I could only find pictures of two of them at Heart Run site. Maybe the other two kiddos will pop up on pictures over the next day or two. And yes, we enjoy our face paint and spray paint. :) 

This little powerhouse finished the 5k in 27 and a half minutes!! That's a sub-9min/mile! She's very competitive though and wanted to beat everyone.

I ran with them the whole time. I always tell them I'll run with the fastest kid. That motivates them to run faster. :) You can see a green shirt behind #885.

This girl finished just one minute behind her twin.

The six year old ran the whole 5k and the 11 year-old disappeared somewhere along the way. It's so much fun now that they are older. Moms with lots of kids and twins take note: it does get easier!

I have been sewing a lot lately but some is secret sewing (and no I won't hint!) and some is for school projects (think full costumes).

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