Monday, April 11, 2016

Sewing for Spring

Spring is officially here. No snow, temperatures in the 50s, chicken poop in the yard, and trampoline set up. I am READY. The winter was crappy with almost no snow and continual icy conditions. I only skiied one time and I ran most of the winter. I usually take a break from running and lift more weights and do more skiing. Not this year!

Needless to say, I’m ready for the next season. I have a thing for shirt dresses right now. I looked back through my Burdas and found this little gem. It is perfect for what I was wanting to make. There is another view that has 3/4 sleeves too. This is 04-2010 #116. The only bummer about it was that the smallest size was the 38 and I’m a 34. I had to size down two sizes while tracing it. It’s more annoying than anything. When I first saw the line drawing I was like, YASSSS. I thought I would look at the model photo and, as Burda usual, it’s super unhelpful. Gee thanks, Burda.


I really like how it turned out. I used a peachskin woven fabric from Girl Charlee. I really like the weight of it and how it’s pretty easy to sew. The edges do tend to fray so you have to either serge them or do french seams.


It has a shoulder yoke and a gently curved hem at the front and back. IT has just enough ease to be fitted but still comfortable.


It does flare a bit at the bottom hem.


We are both divas. Do not sass a diva.


This is the best collar I’ve ever done. I really like how it turned out!! The thread and bobbin thread are slightly different colors of blue. Dammit! Only you guys will ever know.


There are little cuffs on the short sleeves.


I could have made buttonholes and sewed on buttons, but snaps are easier and I love these copper ones.


I love the little details on this dress, the pockets, the sleeve cuffs, and the curved hem. I didn’t try to match the pocket; I don’t think it matters much on this crazy pattern.


This is more the true color. I’m trying to incorporate more variety of colors in my clothing. I tend to wear the same colors over and over again. I chose this print because it’s pretty and it’s one of the Pantone colors for spring.


Next? More running tights. Spring cross country is starting and my little baboos need tights! (Probably. When I make a plan, my only thought is to do something else. It’s the rebel in me!)

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Annette Wright said...

That's a sweet dress. I haven't pulled out my Burda magazines in so long. Time to do it. Enjoy your weather.