Monday, January 9, 2017

BEST HUSBAND EVER, really this time . . .

While on our Christmas travels, we found this beauty at a Goodwill for $30 (because, duh, it’s blue!). It has all the original bobbins, feet, and the manual. I oiled it, and it works great. It has the cams for decorative stitches and everything. I was especially excited because none of my machines has a blind hem and that’s a stitch I really actually need. This little blue baby DOES have the blind hem so I was excited. And this blue color, *swoon*. The cord is even the same teal color. My husband was really interested in it and was asking lots of questions. He was trying to figure out what exact stitches I wanted, needed, and what I hoped for. I sure thought he was asking a lot of questions, but I’ll talk machines with you ANY DAY. ANY FREAKING DAY. So, anyway, I probably talked his ear off. I don’t remember. I probably blacked out because I was so excited someone wanted me to fill them with information. I think I literally went into what each stitch does and he sat there and listened. I probably had wine. Isn’t she pretty???


THEN, when we got home (at 4am after missing a flight), he pulled me into the sewing room and there was a box sitting there. A large box. A new and shiny box. He bought me a BRAND NEW VIKING 965Q. He knew that I loved Vikings and this is like the Cadillac of Viking sewing machines. This baby does EVERYTHING!! I’m still getting used to it and it’s AMAZING! Blind hem? You bet your ass. And over 300 more!! I haven’t done much with it, but I already LOVE the needle down position and the automatic cutter. This is fully automatic and it’s buttonholes are lovely. I’ve been going back and forth the past couple of years about getting a nice all mechanical machine versus a nice computerized machine. I guess my husband has been listening when I talk. Is he amazing or WHAT??!?

I want to spend all my time with her and cuddle her.


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Becky said...

What a great surprise! Enjoy your new toys!