Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Newest Ottobre 01-2017

My newest Ottobre just came last night. In the last year or two, I’ve been sewing a lot more for my beanpole children so I’ve been really loving Ottobre the last year or two. The smallest child is in 122-128 size range, the twins are in the 140 and the boy is in a 170? I think? Anyway, I love a bunch of these patterns.

Every one of the girls will get the shorts with the petal hems. Because, petal hems. They will also probably get the kitty leggings. I love the kitty detailing. One of my girls wants me to change it to a dog face. Hmmmmmm . . .



These are the larger clothes and I really love these patterns too. More of the leggings which my kids LIVE in. I also love the raglan on the right that has all the stitching details and color blocking. I know one gripe with Ottobre is that there are lots of repeats and I have to agree. But, I find that there is so much more in the way of fun details and good, solid basics that I overlook the repeats. Also, there is a super cute bomber jacket and I love the jumpers.

Not too much sewing going on these days but I have been painting rooms! I told each child they could have an accent wall so they all have a crazy wall in their room. I’m done painting their rooms and my bedroom is the last one that needs to be done!!

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