Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Trifecta of Jalies

I have a race on Friday. It’s only a 12k but I wanted to be coordinate-y for it. I made three new Jalies because of it. (And because I CAN.) The first is the Pika Sports bra/top. I love the shape of the front yoke and I love that it’s fully lined. No pesky seams on the inside to rub on you. The second is the new Loulouxe running skirt. I can’t telly ou how much I love this skirt. The fun flirty shape!! The pockets!! The fit!! I made one more piece but I’ll talk about that below.


The dark red is a wicking Supplex. The print is a wicking poly blend. I love these colors together!


See how the inside is fully lined?? Love it!!!



Here’s the back of the sports bra. I really love it!


The inside of the skirt has a pair of shorts. There are optional pockets and I added two to my pair.


The pockets are really nice and I can put my iPhone in there with it’s annoying grabby LifeProof case.


You can tell when something is in my pocket because I get weird thigh lumps. But I would rather have that than some crap I have to carry in my hands.


I also added a huge, rear, zippered pocket. I wouldn’t but anything heavy in here because it would bounce around. But sometimes, like tomorrow, you need an ID, a credit card, and a car key and you don’t want to worry about them falling out of another pocket. I’m going to write a post in a day or two to show you people how to add your own pocket too.


My third piece is the new Jalie Valerie. This is a form fitting raglan. I wanted something that would keep me warm on race day. (My dog is a stalker and always wants to be WITH ME. When I go to the bathroom and open the door? SHE’S RIGHT THERE. If I go in another room? SHE FOLLOWS ME.)


I added fun contrast to the seam lines.


The fit is great. Duh. It’s a Jalie! I could always do a swayback alteration but I never do. I could probably do it easily with these side seams.



This is THE MOST luscious poly/spandex double brushed knit. It’s so cozy and soft.


I used a zig zag stitch that is decorative and utilitarian. It’s not the normal zig zag either, it’s the double zig zag because I wanted it to actually show up on this fabric.


All in all? I’m super happy with my new running outfit!!!

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