Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jalie Galaxie Bags

I've been making a bunch of bags lately. I'm a member of two PTAs, countless committees, one gym (Orange Theory*), one graduate level class, and I work full-time and have four children. Needless to say, I have a lot of different activities on my plate (I didn't even mention all the kid activities!). The ones mentioned above all need stuff. You know, the inside-gym-shoes, the PTA Secretary binder, the enormous lunch to feed kids on the way to Honor Choir, etc. I've found that the best way to organize my life is making "go bags" for each of my activities. All my elementary PTA Secretary stuff goes in one bag and I grab the entire bag in the morning and go. All my unmanned aerial class stuff goes in one bag for the days I need it. I have a bookshelf and all my colorful bags sit on the bottom shelf and they are ready to go when I am. Each bag has a collection of the "normal" stuff, a few pens/pencils, a little travel tissue, hand sanitizer, etc. 

These are just some of the Jalie Galaxie bags I've made. There are two more at work that sit behind my desk all ready to go. I have made four of the larger, Soleil bags and one of the smaller Saturne bags (the teal/black/yellow). I love these are they are the perfect size for my gym shoes, binders, etc. So far, I've been using IKEA canvas fabric because it's bright, pretty, and sturdy. 

I'm always looking for ways to be organized and be more efficient. Do you guys have great ideas for organizing your life? I'd love to hear them. I know I'd be lost without my Google calendars! 

* Do any of you do Orange Theory? I think I'm addicted. I usually run all winter and ski most of the winter. But, this winter, ugh, don't even get me started. We have little snow and it's been cold. For weeks. I can't remember the last time is was above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. And at night, it's getting down to 5 BELOW zero. Brrr. I'm an Alaskan girl and I can handle the cold. I'm just so tired of it this winter. Anyway, Orange Theory is this interval workout and your heart rate results are on the board for everyone to see. You want to be in the orange zone. I'm such a competitive person, that really motivates me to work hard. Plus, they work in a lot of weight lifting which I need to do more of. I really love it! 

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