Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ottobre 06-2015 #26 Sweatshirt with Placket

The Boy is approaching high school age. How is that possible? With that, comes intense growth (and stinky-stank). He is outgrowing everything so quickly right now. He wore a pair of running shoes for, I swear, less than a month. He's a cozy-sweatshirt/jeans kind of kid. His jeans are quickly becoming too short and his shirts, well, let's say I can see his wrists often. So, I've been making boy things. Some I can show you and some I can not. 

This time, I decided to make an Ottobre raglan-sleeved hoodie with a button-up placket. This is a pattern from a couple years ago. I've always wanted to make it, but I've never gotten to it. I figured this would be a good pattern for him. I made the size 152 with an added inch in the torso length and arm length. I think the fit is fabulous. 

I used the same red sweatshirt material as this Jalie top last week. It's a stable knit with little stretch across the width. It's another one from the National City Swap Meet. I used a thin cotton knit for the hood lining and a stretchy ponte for the sleeves and hem. I think the placket turned out really nice. I used a fishy quilting fabric I had from deep stash.

I love the top coverstitching that is on the Ottobre model so I tried to replicate that with my machine. I used the honeycomb stitch and this machine, I know I've said this before, kicks much ass. The topstitching is perfect! 

I have more to show you. I've been sewing up a storm!

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