Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jalie 2563 - Running Shorts (done right this time!)

Remember last week when I made these shorts but I did it wrong? Well, I did it again, but this time, I actually did it the right way! Yay me! What's funny is that there is not much difference in fit between when I made them wrong and when I made them right. Once main difference I did notice is that the waist was a bit snug last time and this time the waist is perfect. Also, last time the legs would creep up my thighs when I was doing squats. On this pair, I don't seem to have that problem. But really, that makes sense. The tighter legs on the correct pair would stop them from creeping up AND it would have been tighter on my waist on the incorrect pair. I used the same black Nike Dri-Fit for the main part of the shirts.

After the second go-around, I am convinced these are the best, no-frills, easy shorts ever. I've worked out in both pairs and they are my favorite me-made active wear shorts! 

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