Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ottobre 02-2016 #2 Loose T-shirt

Behold, a loose, casual t-shirt. I know, I know, nothing exciting and not really even exciting enough to blog about, but I wanted all you people to know that I'm alive and well. Just buuuusssssyyy. Sooooo busy.

I made two of them in size 34, which is my normal Ottobre size. I did forget to add my inch to the bodice and I'll show you why I do it below. This makes it super obvious where my extra torso length comes from. The white one is a barely-stretchy burn-out knit. The striped one is a rayon-lycra.

You can see that it's just a very simple loose t-shirt. It's has a tiny bit of a high-low hem and it's slightly flared at the hem. 

I tried to be creative with the pocket and cut the top edge on the fold and left the edges of the pocket raw. You can't really tell on the busy print.

Here's the wrong side of the fabric where you can really see the "burn-out" of the burn-out knit.

See the pocket? If I had added an inch above the bodice, it would have lowered the pocket and everything below it. I didn't (because I forgot and I'm a dumbass) and now the pocket is awkwardly up high. I could have also just moved the pocket down but them the waist point and hip point would still be too high. On a pattern like this, it's certainly not a big deal, but on a more fitted pattern, it's very noticeable. 

Again, with the creativity. I put the pocket on the cross grain. WHAT?!?!

Matching stripes like a boss.

Overall, two simple t-shirts that fill a void in my wardrobe. I have lots of fitted tops and lots of long-sleeves longer tunic but nothing quite like this. I think these would also be really cute with a vest. Do people even wear those anymore? They should, because they are cute! 

And an update on my new purse, I freaking love the thing. The pockets are easily accessible and perfect for my stuff. The cross-body straps are awesome too. I'll definitely be making another one when this wears out or just to have one in a different color.  

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