Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dilemma Solved!

So I was having a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with the Jalie SWAP top. I ended endging it with white knit from Three Sisters'. It worked great. Here is the finished top. Now I can move on to the bottoms. I'll leave the Jalie t-shirt for a quick afternoon project. I want to wait on the button-down top until the woven shirt contest. That will help me stay motivated on that one. I juat hate cutting into my really nice wool and maybe messing it up. BUT, I have a muslin, I have a real RTW skirt that has the same dimensions. I just have to convince myself that I can do it. After this SWAP contest I am going to raise my sewing status to Intermediate.


kasizzle said...

Your top is adorable! Looks so good on you! Did you have any trouble with the chevrons and cutting and/or sewing with them?

Dawn said...

No, everything worked out great. I'm glad that I used the knit edging though. There is no way I could have gotten everything lined up and it would have looked strange with all those chevrons overlapping.