Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answers to Questions

Another exciting installment . . .

Shiny Green Penny has left a new comment on your post "Jalie 2215 -- In Red":
LOVE this top! I would like to make it out of a wicking fabric for paddling and running....what alterations did you make (other than adding 4 " to the bottom....I am beyond flashing my navel to the world...after a couple of kids no one would be looking at mine anyway :-)Did you simply leave off the polo collar and not cut the opening? Or something different? Thanks!
All I did was not slit the opening for the polo top. I did cut off the seam allowances to add the neck band. Otherwise, it would have been very high.

Cindy has left a new comment on your post "Simplicity 2922 - In silk":
How is the macaron coming along. I have one in process at the moment! I can't decide if I should add the sleeve or leave it sleeveless!
I don't have the perfect fabric for it and so I'm stalled on it. I do really like the shape of the dress but would hate to pick hideous fabric.

Myra has left a new comment on your post "Simplicity 2922 - In silk":
Wonderful fabric, did it come from High Fashion? I bought silk there once to have a dress made for SIL's wedding. The store is in "Chinatown", really Vietnamese. (I am from Houston).

Yes, my husband knows where High Fashion Fabrics is already so it's the only place that he goes. Us Alaskan folk ain't used to crazy city driving.

Lindsay T has left a new comment on your post "JSterns -- The Tee -- 0041 -- Take Two":
Nice! Did you ever consider turning the stripes vertically for the yoke piece?
As soon as I was done I thought to myself, why didn't I make that vertical?!?!?!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comment away . . . I dare ya":
I wanted to ask you thing anyway - what better time than now. It's an Alaskan question, rather than sewing. Can you recommend a place to purchase wild salmon for shipment to the lower 48? I'm blogless, so this won't count for a 'prize'.
Hmmmm, that's a tricky one. We always eat our fish here and ship it to our relatives ourselves. I have heard good things about Northwest Seafood. I think they do a good job.

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie has left a new comment on your post "Comment away . . . I dare ya":
How did you get your eyeballs up there! I love to know how?

The lovely Angie from Quality Time did it for me.

eword10 (http://eword10.wordpress.com/) has left a new comment on your post "Questions and Answers":
have a question about your snap press... Do you think it's not worth buying the Prym vario snap kit (http://store.atlantathread.com/prvakit.html)? Is it too chintzy? And that's why you bought the snap press?
Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!

I think if you aren't doing many snaps or if you don't want industrial strength the Prym is probably fine. This snap press is super easy to use and these puppies doesn't come apart once you set them. I don't have any experience with that particular brand though either. I had some really old crappy ones that bent ever time you tried to use them.

Rosesred has left a new comment on your post "Researching Waterproofing Options":
very cool post, and very useful as I´m getting ready to make my own raincoat. Where did you get all this stuff? I´ve been asking around in stores for this kind of thing and nobody knew what I was talking about ±P

I found all of these seam sealers at a place called Alaska Tent and Tarp. They make, well, tents and tarps. It makes sense they would have seam sealing things. I never thought to call them until my husband suggested it.


Unknown said...

Dawn-- glad that you are following the Chanel sew along. We got a kind note from Claire Shaeffer herself with a suggested reading list. She said that she just got back from Alaska. Did she hear about the sew along from you? If she did, thank you! Great that she will be checking in with us.

Anonymous said...

Dawn-- I was signed in the wrong account from the above comment....It is from me!