Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burda 07-2009 #140 Swim trunks and some cussing

I made the girls bathing suits so I figured I would make The Boy some swim trunks too. He'll love the sharks. Too bad I didn't drop the embroidery just a little bit further down the leg. On the next pair, I plan to make a deeper hem like what you would see on RTW shorts. I am also using a boot shoelace for the waist. I'll change that out for a regular white shoelace when I get a hold of one of them. This is a size 110 which corresponds to a size 6. My kids are tall and skinny so we will definitely be needing the tie string. They do have elastic in them too but it's probably not going to be tight enough.

Embroidery detail. This is from My son is obsessed with all things ocean.

Son: Hey Mom, did you know that Vampyroteuthis is called the vampire squid from hell?
Me: Um, what?!??!?!?!
Son: The squid from HELL mom! What does hell mean? Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell.
Me: Where did you learn that? Hell is one of those adult words that kids shouldn't say.
Son: Oh. But what does hell mean?
Me: Well, it's a bad place. They mean a scary, dangerous squid. Where did you learn about it?
Son: On that DVD, the Blue Planet. Did you know that there is an Amazon catfish that eats only wood? WOOD, mom! Let's get one so it can eat the brush in the backyard.
Me: Hmmmm, I'll think about.

On a side note: this was a much better use of a cuss word that when he told me, "Mom, there's some fucking cheese on my tomatoes" and then said there was a "lot of fucking rain outside." I actually had to leave the room while me husband dealt with it. I was beside myself giggling uncontrollably. He's a total science nerd. I wonder where he gets that. He told his kindergarten teacher that he "loves her more than space and space goes on forever."

Here's the back. Boring, I know.

I put fun green eyelets in.

Here's the BWOF technical drawing. Obviously, ignore the top.


Myra said...

Cute embroidery. Love the tomatoes/cheese comment. Now I know my kids are not the only ones to use words they hear. We try to be verbally good around them, sometimes, we slip, especially when mad or have hurt ourselves. But we do know they hear them from other kids at school, because they have told us. Reminds me of A Christmas Story: Ralphie, where did you hear that word? From ____ and the ensuing phone call and beating the kid got, a pricelss movie.

Kathi said...

What I hate is when they go to school and repeat what they have heard. Especially since my boys are at a Christian school!!

Bug Adventures said...

Awwww, your little man is too funny, wonder where he gets his cussing skills and sense of humor. All this stuff for Hawaii looks fantastic, you guys are going to be the best dressed people at the beach. BTW you said you blog had the f-bomb and this is the first time I have seen it.

Lilian said...

Seeing how you put embroidery to use on clothes has me thinking about it more than I have in the past. I never particularly cared for it, but I feel a change coming there... These sharks are amazing.
I can see before me what happened at your table. Ooohh, too funny!
But I'm sure your husband dealt with the situation....untill the next word comes along.. ;)

Unknown said...

Great shorts, and I love the embroidery. Had to call DH over to the laptop to read the cheese/tomatoes comment, and we both laughed. Good luck with raising a science nerd!

meredithp said...

Love those shorts. Wonder if my DH would like some :-) I think the language usage is adorable. I understand why you couldn't keep a straight face.

Angela said...


Gretchen the Household Deity said...

It is so hard to maintain a straight face in those situations! I have had to leave the room with my nephews when they make naughty yet hilarious comments.

Kat said...

Cute swim trunks! And where oh where did you get those green eyelets? Do tell!

laura said...

At least he didn't drop the F-bomb to the teacher! My oldest (now 26) was still in a high chair when one day he dropped something off the tray and onto the floor. His comment of "Oh, F**k," was not met with happiness from my mother-in-law! Ouch!

amber said...

Your son sounds like a hoot. :) The swim trunks are really well done.