Sunday, December 6, 2009

KS 2605 Girls' Swimsuits - They're done.

I finished the four swimsuits for my girl-kids. They are pretty cute. The only alteration I made was to add an extra inch in torso length for my girls and to line the entire front instead of just the crotch lining. They did not have them try these on because they are part of their Christmas gifts. I'll use this pattern for years. It goes all the way to size 7.

I did what Kwik Sew recommended for applying the elastic and it turned out great. Here you can see that I serged on the elastic with black thread. Then, I folded it over and zig zagged from the right side. This is the inside.

This is what it looks like from the right side.

Complete with weird poses. Those girls crack me up.


meredithp said...

So cute, both the girls and the suits. They will be wonderfully attired in Hawaii. Will they share the suits, or do they each have to have particular ones?

Kathi said...

Too cute and funny!!

Angela said...

Cute bathing suits! You're daughters are super cute, too!

judy said...

The swimsuits turned out super cute!

nothing said...

Love your sewing projects... they inspire me! I just realized in the past few months I LOVE sewing... and I'm hoping to do wardrobe sewing like you are! I love this bathing suit pattern, what size of clear elastic did you use? :)