Friday, December 18, 2009

Burda 12-2009 #122 Flared Skirt

Sheesh. Long time, no see, eh? I have been sewing things but I just haven't had time to review things or post to the blog. This seems like the busiest winter ever. Like I said, sheesh.

Here's BWOF 12-2009-122, that cute flaired skirt from the December issue. I made it out of a midweight Justin Timberlake denim that I bought from the Fabrics and Notions coop over on Yahoo. It's a cute little skirt but I think the denim is just a bit too heavy for this particular style. Looks cute here, no?

When I wear it, the sides have enough body that they stick out at 45 degrees. If I stand still, it looks pretty funny.
The back is very cute, I think, and it does not have the sticky-outy issue that the sides do. I made pockets for the back but I really didn't like them when I basted them on.

To combat the sticky-outy-ness of the side parts, I added weights to the inside of the skirt. I asked my husband if he had anything that was small and heavy and he threw these at me. They are fishing weights. We use them for salmon fishing in the fall.
This is a close-up of the lead. It's very malleable so I smacked it with a hammer a few times to flatten it out.
Then I made two little lead-filled bags and handsewed them to the inside corners of the skirt. They pull the skirt down a bit but they don't totally do the job. I probably need two more in each side to completely weigh it down. Ah, well, it's only noticeable when I am standing stick stragiht and not moving. Luckily for me, I'm almost never just standing around. I am a WOMAN OF MOTION.

Here's the inside. I love using a contrasting facing on the inside of fly front like this.

I have a few more things to show you. Hopefully, I'll be posting lots of stuff in the coming days. Today was the last day with kids so I'm on Christmas Holiday Winter Break!!!


Rachelle said...

Kudos on the MacGuyver solution, but personally, I really like the look of the flares! They're kind of Jane Jetson-esque - I'd call the style "Retro Futuristic"!

Go you!

Unknown said...

Welcome back, we've missed you! Cute skirt, I almost bought some of that denim, but decided I needed to go on a fabric diet. Haven't made a co-op purchase since July! Nice tactic with the weights, you're on innovative woman... in constant motion!

Anonymous said...

You've been missed, Dawn! Cute skirt -- and very clever of you to add fishing weights!
Have a great break.

Anonymous said...

Looks good flat - but can we see a picture of front and back on you?! Would really appreciate it, as I was thinking of cutting out this wknd!
Really enjoy your blog.

Eugenia said...

Great skirt, beautifully made - I loved this style when I saw it in the magazine. I, too, rather like the little sticking out flares but the fishing weights were a clever idea.

Myra said...

Missed you lately, love the skirt. I love your little solutions on the fly like that!

Andrea R said...

Washers - they make excellent hem weights, come in tons of different sizes (weights) and lie flat. Plus there's a big hole in the middle to stitch 'em down with. :)

meredithp said...

That really is cute. I'll be taking a second look at that one. Maybe even I could wear it (lengthening it and losing weight first of course).

Dei said...

Hotness! Love the skirt and the fishing weights as well.

Bunny said...

Too funny, I was thinking Jetsons too, also in a cute sort of way. I know this will look fabulous on you. I don't think there is a denim you can't wear.

redhotpepper said...

Very cute! It's good to know I'm not the only one who shares hunting/fishing items with the hubby for sewing stuff. He's used quite a bit of my sewing stuff for fly tying.


Linda said...

Great idea! Would have never thought of using something like that but if it works and it did, whatever!

Kathi said...

Your "weights" worked well!! Quite ingenious!

Annie Jolivet-Vilbois said...

Hello Dawn!
Just delurking to ask you whether these weights are made of real lead? If so, they are hazardous to health and should not be put in a garment.
I love your blog and am totally in awe at the speed and expertise you demonstrate at sewing.
Happy New Year!