Monday, February 14, 2011

Undies for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I absolutely love the Ottobre 05/2009 #2 pattern for hipster underwear. I have made several of these pairs of underwear for myself lately. I am still (ack!) slowly moving so I am working on small projects I can do amidst the chaos. I used fabric from the girl jammies a while back and the pink turtleneck.



I have also completed some more pants redecoration for the blue jeans I’ve been working on. I also just cut out two swimsuits so the girls can play in the hot tub. We’ve been using the smaller ones but they are a bit uncomfortable for them.


melissa said...

Homemade panties are just THE BEST, and are so much fun to make! Nobody believes me, but you'll know! I tend to cut mine out when I've got scraps leftover from tops and dresses, and then keep them in a bag til I need a quick sewing pick-me-up, and then I'll apply the elastic.

KarenP said...

I'm impressed that you are sewing at all during your move!!! I've never made undies, but I'll have to give that pattern a try. I like Melissa's idea to cut them out from leftover scraps right away.

Unknown said...

Love the pattern and fabric. Can't wait to try them. I always get inspired when I visit your blog.

Victoria said...

Cute undies!!! I love the fabric and style!

Anonymous said...

hi. noticed your 'fan of structured' etsy shop. I just saw a top that might interest you.
she shows it in grey or in green. Might not be too hard to frankenpattern.

mulliga m said...

Cute panties! I really love to sew undies. It's a fun and fast sewing project. I've sewn all my panties and bras for the last 8 years now.