Sunday, March 11, 2012

Infinity Scarf–Tutorial

This is not a hard project at all. From cutting to hand sewing my opening shut, it took less than an hour. I used one of the sweater knits from that came in the mail a few weeks ago. It’s very cute fabric. It’s very sheer so it would have been hard to use as a top. I took pictures along the way in case anyone wants to make their own.



The 72” is negotiable. I happened to have exactly two yards so it was 72” but you could do it with less fabric. I can fold my scarf three times around my head at this length. You could definitely go smaller and only do two wraps around the noggin.


Obviously, I had too much fun while writing this.



The scarves I saw at Nordstroms all had a twist like this.





Does this opening remind you off these creepy little kids toys? I mean, what the shit. They creep me out and I’m an adult. No, really, watch the weird little promo video.


Boy, I look angry in these photos. It’s only because the sun has come out and us Alas-kans can’t handle bright light. We are like moles. Remind me not to wear that shirt in bright sunlight with a black bra. I’m not really selling this scarf with my angry, frowny eyes and pasty skin but it’s really cute!


Here are a few close-ups. I love the fabric.



SueC56 said...

I don't think you look frowny! I do appreciate the pictures. It's something I hadn't thought of making before.



Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the tutorial.

iacowmama said...

Ha. Great minds must think alike. I have one of these about half done(in slinky black). I'm trying to be really impressive and calling it a "mobius" scarf. 8-)

Jne4sl said...

Really cute, I love the fabric. I made some of these last Christmas. I decided I like 3.5yds for the length. I made some as a tube like yours but also some from ribknit which looks the same on both sides and doesn't fray. So for those I made only the joining seam. With the longer length there is another fun knot you can do. Spread the doubled scarf across the back of the neck with the short seam hidden at the back neck and the loop ends hanging over the shoulders. Arrange such that the twist is at one of the ends. Then stick each hand through the loop hanging from the same shoulder. Reach through and grab the opposite loops and pull them back through simultaneously. Then with a tiny bit of arrangement you get a jaunty knot with two loops hanging down. The half twist is absorbed into the knot. I particularly like the look when its rotated toward the shoulder and one loop spreads over the shoulder and the other hangs to the front. I saw the knot in the book on Madeline Vionnet by Betty Kirke. However her scarf was more elaborately shaped with flared loops like a giant bow tie.

Bettina Anzaldua Elliott said...

thanks for sharing & the pix of each step.  i'm a visual learner....meaning, i don't usually read until after the fact....looks great!