Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second pair of jammies

Okay, here’s the second pair. Next I need to make some for my son. He requested “warm fuzzy” jammies so that is what I will make him.


I used the same KwikSew 3234 pattern for these. I also used the cutest Urban Threads embroidery for the front. The owl print is some thermal knit from


I stitched the embroidery out on a piece of cotton and left the raw edges. I went around the edges with matching thread about three or four times. She’ll love it.


Here are the matching pants. See my oopsie? When I was cutting this, I didn’t realize I need to move the pattern over a little bit. I ended up with a little mending job before these were ever even worn. It’s not very noticeable.


To fix it, I added a piece of matching fabric to the inside and then used a zigzag stitch from the RS to “darn” the little hole together. ks_3234_13


What’s that you say? It has little words on it? What does it say? Oh, right, “pimp.” PIMP??!? Oh shit, I don’t want my girl’s jammies to say pimp on them. Oh wait, they say “primp.” Much better. I admit I did a little oh-my-gawd moment when I thought it said “pimp.”


SueC56 said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who makes mistakes like that!


LauraM said...

They look cute, I need to makes some for my grand-sons, identical twin boys. I'm so glad you are posting! Really missed your for a while! And that is from someone who usually lurks :-)

Bug Adventures said...

Really owls? They are so creepy - BTW the one you made me still stares evilly at me every morning while I am brushing my teeth. MISS YOU!! When are you coming to visit?