Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KwikSew 3234 (again I know, boring!)

I know I’ve told you over and over again how much I love this pattern. I’ve made it so many times (here, here, here, here, here, and here to name a few) and the kids love this pattern. They beg for new jammies all the time. Here’s the pair I’ve been sewing lately (with the very happy bunny). This pair, of course, is for one of my twin girls.


I love using the variegated thread on the inside in my loopers. ks_3234_5



I always put a loop or tag in the back so they know the back from the front. Not that it matters, really. They’ll put them on backwards if there is a tag or not.


When I serge things that will get a lot of use, I reinforce key seams. On these jammies, I reinforced the underarm seams and the crotch.

Hmmm, other details. I used 3/4” elastic in the waistband. I applied it first with the 4-thread overlock and then used my coverstitch machine to finish it. The cuffs are ribbed knit light pink to match everything else. I should have a second pair to show you in a few days. The pants are made from a pink striped microfleece and the top is an orange knit from Fabric.com. I made a shirt out of it here.


Unknown said...

Super cute, not boring! I totally appreciate your "sewing for the kiddos" posts, from one mom to another!

marysews said...

I'm glad you see you back in the swing of blogging. The clothes you make for your kids are always so cute!

Unknown said...

Cute! My friend just had twin boys, I wish I had the energy to make them something so sweet :-)

BConky said...

These are so cute. She'll probably try to wear the shirt all day.

sdBev said...

I know that using the same pattern seems boring. But i think the truth is a well designed pattern that is versatile is also a joy to sew. You know anytime you start with tbis pattern you will have a winner. I vote to call this fantastik!