Monday, May 21, 2012

National City Swap Meet fabric

ETA: Wow, posting from my iPhone only works for little posts I guess. I have moved this around and added a bunch of stuff that was in my original posting but didn’t show up.

I am posting from my iPhone so I'm not sure how the formatting will  look on my blog (ha!). I just had to update you guys on my fantastic fabric finds!!!!! This will keep me busy for a long time.

Wow, there are a lot of deals to be had at the National City Swap Meet. I found mostly knit fabrics but lots and lots of varieties.  Rayon knit jersey? Yes. Cotton knit jersey? Yes. Polyester blend jerseys? Yes.

All three of these are rayon spandex blend knits. I bought them for
$1.50/yd off a LA jobber.


This was bought from the same LA jobber for $2/yd. It’s the most fluid, drapey, heavy polyester/lycra jersey I’ve ever felt. It’s going to be like working with butter. This guy had about 15 different types of this jersey on the roll.


These are all remnants I bought for $1/yd. They range from one yard to three yards. Mostly, they are cotton/lycra knits. I finally had to tell myself to stop buying stripes. I have a problem, yes I do.


These are also remnants. They are all two yards I think. I love the snake print (upper left). The gray knit has silver bling on it. I’ll have to show you a close up when I sew it up. The bottom purple is a knit that reminds me of paintbrush strokes.



These are all one-yard samples. I bought them for $.50/yd. These are mostly sweater knits. I plan on making some Jalie tops with them.


The National City Swap Meet will definitely have to become a regular stop on our San Diego trip. It was like digging for treasures. There would be piles and pile, mountains really, of fabric and you’d have to pull, dig, sort through and find stuff you liked. It was fun but tiring.

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Susan Davis said...

I really do love that swap meet and find myself with the same "stripe affliction" as you. LOL. Great fabric finds.