Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Burda 0006A–Wrap Dress

Back in October (November?) I ordered my copy of the Burda Classics magazine without seeing any information about it. Later, I started to see quite a few posts showing the technical drawings. About a week later, I received a message from Burda saying they had been sold out. At that point, I wasn’t devastated because, after seeing the mostly-jacket-and-fitted-skirt patterns, I decided I didn’t need it anyway. Well, about a month after that, they sent me a magazine. They must have just been kidding about the lack of magazines.

One pattern I did like quite a bit was the Burda wrap dress. I decided to make this in a crazy bright print because I’m tired of winter. Tired.

I quite like it. The shaping with the darts is very nice. I made a size 34 (I didn’t even have to grade the pattern down!) and it fits great. The front is a very low (read: not work appropriate) v-neck. After I looked at the model photo, I should have realized this. Look how they have the two sections of the wrap pinned together to make it higher. I’ll either need to do that with mine or I’ll wear a cami under it. The fabric is a very obnoxious red, pink, black, and white ITY print from Fabric.com. I needed something that’s not gray or black. I made the pattern about two inched shorter before I cut it and I like this length much better than the original. I didn’t have enough fabric to make a belt but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. That would be a lot of RED, PINK, BLACK, and WHITE. 

I could have done a much better job matching up the back lines. Oops. I actually did think about it but didn’t really do it. It would have been easy on the back. You can tell I spent some time trying to match the fronts up. I should have lengthened the torso by a half inch or so. It’s just ever-so-slightly above my natural waist.
I have already made one of the tops from the February Burda. I’m so proud of myself!


Sofie said...

Oh I love this! The fabric makes it! I think it looks great with that black belt.

wendy said...

This is a gorgeous dress! I'm a sucker for a wrap dress and this looks great on you , great colour to banish the winter blues.

meli88a said...

I remember this pattern from the original print in a 2006 Burda issue -- it's a great design. So flattering and easy to wear (I still have mine.) Yours looks great!