Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burda Challenge - January - Leopard Print Knit Dress

I decided to participate in the Burda Challenge. You make a Burda garment each month. I decided that I will not be bound by silly thing like years. Instead, I will make a January garment out of whatever year I want. I have about four years worth of magazines to look at. I think for this month, I decided on a January 2012 dress. Why? Do I have a fun party to attend? Am I headed to Vegas? No and no. It’s winter in Alaska, people. I need some entertainment.

What’s funny is that I totally don’t remember this from skimming through the magazine last year. I do remember some of the items in the magazine but not this. This is why this challenge is good for me, makes me go back through and look through my old magazines!



What’s worse, is that I’m going to make it out of gray leopard print knit. Classy, no? This is the Designer Leopard Print knit from (the picture is a link). It’s fun, don’t you think?? Perhaps a tad trashy but overall fun. I plan to use this knit when the pattern calls for a woven. I think I will use a size smaller than I normally do and maybe lengthen the torso on it. I’m worried that the ease for the woven will make the knit just hang off of me. Any ideas from those who have done that in the past?

Designer Sweater Knit Leopard Grey

And hey, I didn’t pick this one. Give me some credit.

Polyester/Lycra Activewear Knit Leopard Black/Pink


coco said...

Wowser! can't wait, will it be finished in time for Jungle January?

Victoria Callas said...

Usually I'm not a fan of leopard prints but the one you chose seems muted enough and together with this pattern it will sure look amazing. Good luck!

By the way, I'm seriously thinking of taking up the same challenge - it should be not so restricting as other challenges floating around the net and at the same time it sounds like loads of fun. I know, I know, it's already end of January but I might still catch up with you, guys.

Good luck!