Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Set of Photos

Here’s the original
canon 442


Canon software autocorrect.


Lightroom Autocorrect.
canon 442


Lightroom with my own tweaks. I changed the exposure, contrast, added a little vignette, and played with the smooth skin feature. That feature is pretty incredible actually, look at my face in the last photo compared to this one.
canon 442-2


What’s the best bang for my buck people?


Kat Campbell said...

I've had Lightroom for a few years, and I love it to bits. The learning curve isn't too bad really - you just tweak what you know, and stumble across other tools through happy accidents and Googling ;-)

That said, you seem to get nice results with the Canon software too. It has more limitations than the Adobe products though, especially if you are working with 'raw' files. Then, Adobe really shines.

Anyway, that's my personal (rambling) opinion. If you want more details, drop me an email kathryncampbell.83 at gmail dot com :-)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure between the free software that came with your camera and Lightroom. That last pic does it for me though. It looks magazine quality. Love your blog btw. I am learning a lot from you and am really inspired:). Jenn Escher

coco said...

I got the powershot 260sx hs after your Dec. 17 post, about 4 wks ago. I am so in love with this camera!!