Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burda 03-2011 #129 Tube Skirt

I’m embarrassed to admit I used a pattern for this skirt. There is no pattern pieces, it is just a rectangle with a CB seam, elastic waist, and hem. I made two of them. The first used up the remnants of this leopard print fabric. The second used up some of the embossed gray fabric from this dress.

Can you tell I’ve been having fun with my camera?b_0311_129_1

I didn’t even insert a grommet and drawstring. I just serged elastic to the band, folded it over, and coverstitched it. Voila, two skirts. I figured these would be fun on the cruise to slip on with a t-shirt. Together these two skirts took, ooooh, about an hour start to finish. As far as a review, well, you can’t get any simpler. I cut the rectangle for the size 34 and, what do you know, it works!

Random, fun photo(s) of the day (I couldn’t just pick one):

All the kids have the prettiest eyes

My workhorse.


pam hudson said...

Adorable Dawn - I made this pattern with one of my first skirts - and guess what - I still wear it today!

marysews said...

It's great to see you having fun!

Kat Campbell said...

Dawn, I LOVE the action shots!

(and the cute kid shots are a bonus)

velosewer said...

Your action shots make this skirt more adorable:)