Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bikinis Gone Wild–Jalie Top and Ottobre Bottoms

A long time ago made this very same swimsuit combination and wore the snot out of it. Since we are cruising very soon (less than a month, sqqqquuueeeeee!) I decided I needed another suit to go with it. This the Jalie pattern #2446 for the bikini top and Ottobre 05/2009 Bikini underwear pattern. This picture is taken in my basement since we had two worker guys putting up Sheetrock upstairs. I figured they didn’t really need to see any more of me than they do already. Anyway, I guess I wasn’t done with Jungle January. I’m hoping my pasty skin will go away after our week in the sun. 


The back is not very exciting. The top is a halter so it ties around the neck.


I again used my zig zag stitches for all the seams. After doing so research on previously-sewn swimsuits for my kids, I’ve made some conclusions. The serging threads always seems to die and it really doesn’t hold up to higher stress areas like where the back connects to the crotch piece. The zig zag stitches has never busted on any of the swimsuits my kids have worn. 


I used white zigzags on the tops and bottoms.


I love the coverage of these bottoms.


I still have a few hooks from Sew Sassy. I lined the front of the bikini top and the fronts of the bottoms. I bought the lining fabric from JoAnn’s and it’s actually pretty nice stuff.


Random Shot – Instead of boring you to pieces with a billion fun pictures with my new camera, I’ll just post one at the end. That will make me edit a bit so you aren’t looking at a ton of pictures. You can totally just skip it if you want. This is Little Person and I after a long day of cleaning, Sheetrocking, painting, and moving things around.


QSSSue said...

I love the fabric you chose - enjoy your cruise! I think I need to take up running when I see your great figure :)

Kat Campbell said...

Pasty skin is fine! You don't need to be burnt brown to look pretty :-)

This bikini is a great fit, and I think the animal print gives it some interest!

Andrea said...

Little Person looks so thrilled to be up on the ladder with you! Love the suit, you look fantastic. Perfect fit. Good to know about the zz v. serger stitches on the suits.

Lupe said...

Me encanta...!!!!ha quedado muy bonito

Trumbelina said...

Great suit! I have to go do an ab workout now... jeeze! You are motivating!