Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Burda Challenge! 05-2011-107 Ruched Top

I told you guys I was sick and tired of the gray winter. Here’s yet another bright and cheerful spring item. Yesterday was a blizzard but today it was in the 40s. We are so close to having no snow! I keep wearing sandals at school and hoping it will be warm when I leave school.

Here’s my Burda Challenge for May. This is from the Burda magazine back in 2011. I always liked the pattern and thought it was cute. I still think it’s cute. This fabric is from San Diego at the Swap Meet. I bought this from a guy who has bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric. Some of my favorite fabrics have come from this guy. I think he sells them for $3/yard. (This cardigan, this dress, and this dress to name a few.) 


Here’s the line drawing from Burda. I really like the twisted shoulders. It’s hard to see on my version because the print is so crazy.  In fact, it’s hard to even see any seams. I drew them in for you below.


The back is kind of boring. But, with this print, I think it’s fine. If this was a solid color, is might be too boring. (See the cutie to my right? She is having a blast on our cruise!)

I have plans for another knit dress in a day or so. We’ll have to see what comes whizzing out of my sewing machine next! Happy spring, you people!


Roelfina Staats said...

Oh a lovely top, can you tell me which number of Burda it came from?

Roelfina Staats said...

Stupid me, it was in the title :( but thanks.

Kat Campbell said...

Very cheerful! I like these styles - basic, but with a 'twist' (sorry, terrible pun).

Linda L said...

Cute top, lovely fabric!

Janice McCombs said...

Dawn, I love your blog. i am 73 yrs old but when I was your age, I tried to make everything my family wore. Even underwear and dress shirts (pretty successful...thank you, Nancy Zeiman.) so I really enjoy your life. Thanks for letting me share it.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love the fabric and the style.
Does he sell on line :)

Zoe said...

The top looks so nice, the design and the fabric go together really well. Winter is just starting where I live, but we don't get any snow, just rain and more rain!