Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burda 04/2011 #118 - Slouchy Knit Top

Man, this is bad Burda graphic. Here’s a link to the actual page. It looks better online.

This here is BurdaStyle 04/2011 #118. I’ve really gotten into skinny leg jeans or leggings and a looser, longer top. I know, I know, it’s been a trend for a while but I live in Alaska and we are slow up here. Also, all that stuff looks better with cute shoes and our snow just melted. In fact, some of the white stuff is still sticking around.


I found this really drapey, white, cotton knit in my stash and saw this pattern and thought they might make a nice pairing. What do you think? I really like it.


Here you can see there is quite a bit of “batwing” going on but I rather like it. I added 6” to the hem to make it a little longer so I would have some gathers on the hip area.


Here you can really see how fitted it is at the hip and how loose it is at the bust. I typically made a size 34 in Burda without fail. On this project, I graded down from a size 36 to a 32. I had read some reviews on PatternReview.com that had said the sizing was generous. Ya got that right!


You can see that the front and back have two separate pieces; a top and bottom piece.


Here’s the basic shape.


I added cuffs to the sleeves. The original sleeves were long but I had to cut them off because of fabric shortage. I thought it would look weird to have 3/4 length sleeves with something like this so I added tight cuffs so they would form some gathers like the hem at the hip.


For the neck and hem edge, I used clear elastic.  First, I serged it on the wrong side of the neck edge. Second, I flipped the neck edge over and topstitched from the front side. I pulled a little bit as I was serging it on so it caused slight gathering in the hem and the neck edge. I really needed something to stabilize the neck edge since this is a fine knit.


Here’s the hip edge.




Danger, non-sewing related kid photos! Cute kid alert!! Ignore if you are only here for sewing-related posts!!!









My beauties playing in the mud.


My crazies playing at the campground. This was on Mother’s Day.


More later!!!


sara said...

I love the top. It's a great look for you!

Jane Winkler said...

Wonderful silhouette. I hope skinnies stick around for a while!

inkstain said...

Nice work on the Burda neckline, and a black and white classy look. I'm admiring the way you integrate your region and busy lifestyle which is rural like my own, with maintaining fashion looks that really flatter you. Many women would just descend to pj's anoraks and jeans, but you give Alaska a fine reputation for more dash than cash!

French_Seam said...

I'd passed right over that pattern, but now seeing what you've done with it, I must make it. Possibly with a *slightly* sheer top part