Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Excuse me, is that Dim Sum on your butt?

Boy: Hey mom, wouldn’t this fabric be funny as pants?
Me: What? This fabric?
Boy: I think it might be funny.
Me: What kind of pants? Like pajama pants?
Boy: No, duh! Like pants for school and then everyone can say, “Hey! You have Dim Sum on your butt!” and “Wow, you’re sweet AND sour!” and “We will, we will, wok you!”
Me: Uhhhh . . .
Yelling Boy: Clap, clap, STOMP. Clap, clap, STOMP. We will, we will WOK YOU, WOK YOU!
Me: Pajama pants only and no wearing these to school.
Boy: Gee, mom, you really need to rice to the occasion.
Me: Har, har, har. Did you hear what I said about not wearing these to school?
Boy: Wait, mom, WAIT, this is a good one . . . . Hey, these lights are bright, can we dim them?
Me: Dim sum?
Boy: Drat.

And thus, Jalie 3243 came out of it’s envelope again. My son asks for me to make him so little that when he asks for something, I usually get right on it.


These are just basic pull-on pants with pockets. I used size M for him.


There are two pairs and I photographed both of them. Why? I don’t know. To show you the differences??


The pockets are a nice touch. They are hard to see here and maybe not quite big enough to be functional. I should make them bigger on my next pair but that’s just inviting him to stick crap in his pockets too.


Hee, hee. Duck sauce.


Cocos Loft said...

They are sum kinda cute!

d mon said...

Hi Dawn, I recently found your blog and would like to follow, but by email...any chance you could put a 'follow by email' gadget on your sidebar?

Kris Clements said...

Your kid is hilarious! And the PJ pants are cute!

Andrea said...

So cute! Where did you find the fabric?

Kristine Balinski said...

Such a funny boy, such a good mom! PJ pants are all my boy asks me to make him, too. If you find any "Minecraft" fabric, let me know!!!

merche said...

What a great mom! Love the pants!

Sew Savory said...

What a great pair of PJs! Where ever did you find this fabric??

Christiana said...

Wokkin pj's,

Amy ( said...

Your son is hilarious!!! Those are some fabulous pants too. He'll wok them for sure :)