Saturday, July 20, 2013

Easiest Sewing Ever

I am doing a little painting today and I was watching paint dry while sitting on the kitchen counter. Like literally, watching it dry. I looked over and decided my old pillows were crap, and that I needed new ones. I think I was partly dying of boredom and partly, I was sick of the old brown ones. They have an embroidered green leaf on them and they are looking shabBY. Part of the embroidery is wrecked, the brown looks old and wrinkled, and I was watching paint dry between coats.  What better to do than sew myself some new ones while the damn paints dries by itself?

I had this fun IKEA fabric and I though it was just the think to brighten up the room. My pillows were 20” square and I cut the fabric into long rectangles of 50” by 21”. I folded over an inch for the seam allowance on the overlaps, sewed the overlap seams, folded it RST (making sure the overlap made the overall width 20”, and then just sewed the top and bottom closed. Voila. New pillows! 


Jeez, these pillows look enormous on the loveseat. They fit much better on the big couch.


Is this not fun fabric? The dark streak is dark purple, not black.


The front and back. I made five total. It took me all of about 40 minutes. After that, I went back to watching paint dry. But soon it will be ready for a second coat. Soon.

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Julia said...

Love these cushions Dawn! I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment in Saudi Arabia so missing my lovely home in Ireland! I bought this fabric in the local IKEA and made my curtains to match a turquoise/sea green sofa, they jazzed the place up immeasurably and made me feel more at home!