Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Burda Wrap Dress Again!

I had to make the wrap dress again. I just had to. Sch______ (I won’t say the word, I WON’T!) is starting again and I love comfortable, easy dresses when I work. I made this dress a few days ago and wanted to perfect the fit before I put the pattern away. I’ll get to my changes at the bottom. I also wanted something with a little less ga-BLING to it. I see many blogs out there where the sewist does 46 poses in front of the camera. Looking at the ground - pulling hair – pensive –looking far off into space-grabbing hands in front of camera-fingeringskirt-twirlinghair-ohmygodstopalready! I decided I really needed to ramp up my poses. But, I’m too silly to be pensive. This is as demure and pensive as I could get. Yea, not so much, thank you.


Anyway, back to boring pose. This is another jersey from the Swap Meet in San Diego. I love this one. It’s still bright but it’s a bit more subdued. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear the other dress too, but I love this print.


I didn’t make too many changes so you won’t see too many thing different in the fit.


Here’s basically what I changed. I used the pattern piece from the Burda Wrap dress 09-2006-115 and put in under my newest wrap dress. That pattern uses a separate piece for the skirt. You can see how the older pattern piece is wider than the one I did the other day. I sort of eyeballed it and made my newest wrap dress a little wider. The other change is that I added FOE to all the edges. And, I still had the seam allowances so I added quite a bit of overlap for the bodice and waist. The only other change was to add an inch or so for the hem.


How come I have never used FOE before? This may be my new best friend! I have lots of it from the Swap Meet. I will have to buy more next time. This is what is looks like when the collar is folded up. This FOE is sparkly on one side and black on the other.


I applied it by zigzagging the black elastic on and then folding over the elastic and topstitching from the right side. Here is what is looks like from the wrong side. You can see both the zig zag and the topstitching. I used my 1/4” guide foot for a perfect topstitch. I’m not sure you could use this technique on something that needed to be very stretchy. This has plenty of stretch, but for a bathing suit or lingerie, it may not be enough.


Let’s see. Next up is cleaning and organizing my sewing space. With all of our company and house guests, the sewing room has become the storage and clutter room. There needs to be some serious loud music and dance-cleaning.


Kristine Balinski said...

Fantastic encore, love the fabric! I've never tried FOE (oh no, something new, run away!!!), but I trust your experience and will give it a go. There I go, following in Dawn's footsteps again... You loud-music-dance-clean, too?!?! I think 90s hip hop works best for this, IMHO...

Kyle Burkhardt said...

I recently started taking pix outside instead of in my bathroom...working my way up to the 46 pose mode...I know what you mean.
Great tips on the FOE, thanks for sharing!

Mae Wilson said...

That's your dress! You should make a dozen in different fabrics- why would you want to wear anything else?

Schazjmd said...

My 2 cents -- one of things I appreciate most about your blog is that you take sensible, garment-centered photos! I've actually unsubscribed to several blogs because I could not stand the coy and cutesy poses that never actually showed enough of the garments (it was all about the person).

Laurie White said...

Beautiful, well done again!

GorgeousThings said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I LOVE the fact that you don't do the forty-six different poses. Honestly, I don't even want to look at Kate Moss doing 46 different poses! :)

Love the dress. I need to get hold of that pattern.

marysews said...

Rhymes with ghoul? Fool? Pensive? Demure? Fool! lol

peacockchic said...

so nice!. They just keep getting better and better

Angela said...

Very nice! This looks great on you and I love the sparkly FOE. I've never used FOE either, but I definitely want to try some. Thanks for showing how you applied it!